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Salaman and Absal, by Jami, tr. Edward Fitzgerald, [1904], at

p. 43


When in this Plight The Shah Salámán saw,
His Soul was struck with Anguish, and the Vein
Of Life within was strangled—what to do
He knew not. Then he turn’d him to The Sage
"Oh Altar of the World, to whom Mankind
"Directs the Face of Prayer in Weal or Woe,
"Nothing but Wisdom can untie the Knot;
"And art not Thou the Wisdom of the World,
"The Master-Key of all its Difficulties?
"Absál is perisht; and, because of Her,
"Salámán dedicates his Life to Sorrow;
"I cannot bring back Her, nor comfort Him.
"Lo, I have said! My Sorrow is before Thee;
"From thy far-reaching Wisdom help Thou Me
"Fast in the Hand of Sorrow! Help Thou Me,
"For I am very wretched!" Then The Sage
"Oh Thou that err’st not from the Road of Right,
"If but Salámán have not broke my Bond,
"Nor lies beyond the Noose of my Firmán,
"He quickly shall unload his Heart to me,
"And I will find a Remedy for all."

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