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CHAPTER II., Verse 192.—And fulfil the pilgrimage and the visitation to God; but if ye be besieged, then what is easiest for you by way of gift. But shave not your heads until your gift shall reach its destination; and he amongst you who is sick or has a hurt upon his head, then the redemption is by fasting, or by alms, or by an offering. But when ye are safe again, then let him who would enjoy the visitation until the pilgrimage (bring) what is easiest as a gift. And he who cannot find (anything to bring), then let him fast three days on the pilgrimage and seven when ye return; these make ten days complete. That is, for him whose family are not present in the sacred mosque; and fear God, and know that God is keen to punish.

Chapter III., Verse 90.—Verily, the first house founded for men was surely that at Bekkah, for a blessing and a guidance to the worlds. Therein are manifest signs,—Abraham's station, and whosoever enters in is safe. There is due to God from man a pilgrimage unto the House, for whosoever can find his way there. But whoso misbelieves—God is independent of the worlds.

Chapter XXII., Verse 25.—Verily, those who

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misbelieve and who turn men away from God's path and the sacred mosque, which we have made for all men alike, the dweller therein, and the stranger, and he who desires therein profanation with injustice, we will make him taste grievous woe.

And when we established for Abraham the place of the House (saying), "Associate naught with Me, but cleanse My House for those who make the circuits, for those who stand to pray; for those who bow, and for those too who adore.

"And proclaim amongst men the Pilgrimage, let them come to you on foot and on every slim camel, from every deep pass, that they may witness advantages for them, and may mention the name of God for the stated days over what God has provided them with of brute beasts, then eat thereof and feed the badly off, the poor.

(30).—"Then let them finish the neglect of their persons, and let them pay their vows and make the circuit round the old House.

"That do, And whoso magnifies the sacred things of God, it is better for him with his Lord."

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