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CHAPTER II., Verse 182.—When my servants ask thee concerning me, then, verily, I am near; I answer the prayer's prayer whene'er he prays to Me. So let them ask Me for an answer, and let them believe in me; haply they may be directed aright.

Chapter IV., Verse 104.—But when ye have fulfilled your prayer, remember God standing and sitting and lying on your sides; and when ye are in safety then be steadfast in prayer; verily, prayer is for the believers prescribed and timed!

Chapter VI., Verse 71.—Say, "Verily, God's guidance is the guidance, and we are bidden to resign ourselves unto the Lord of the worlds, and be ye steadfast in prayer and fear Him, for He it is to whom we shall be gathered."

Chapter XIV., Verse 36.—Say to my servants who believe, that they be steadfast in prayer.

Chapter XVII., Verse 80.—Be thou steadfast in prayer from the declining of the sun until the dusk of the night, and the reading of the dawn; verily, the reading of the dawn is ever testified to.

Chapter XX., Verse 132.—Bid thy people to prayer, and persevere in it; we do not ask thee to

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provide. We will provide, and the issue shall be to piety.

Chapter XXII., Verse 76.—Be ye then steadfast to prayer, and give alms, and hold fast by God; He is your sovereign, and an excellent sovereign, and an excellent help!

Chapter II., Verse 144.—From whencesoever thou comest forth, there turn thy face towards the sacred mosque, for it is surely truth from thy Lord; God is not careless about what ye do. (145) And from whencesoever thou comest forth, there turn thy face towards the sacred mosque, and wheresoever ye are, turn your faces towards it, that men may have no argument against you, save only those of them who are unjust; and fear them not, but fear Me and I will fulfil my favours to you, perchance ye may be guided yet.

Chapter VII., Verse 29.—O sons of Adam! take your ornaments to every mosque; and eat and drink, but do not be extravagant, for He loves not the extravagant.

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