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CHAPTER XV., Verse 29.—And when thy Lord said to the angels, "Verily, I am creating a mortal from crackling clay of black mud wrought into shape;

(30) "And when I have fashioned it, and breathed into it of my spirit, then fall ye down before it, adoring."

And the angels adored all of them together, save Iblîs, who refused to be among those who adored.

He said, "O Iblîs! what ails thee that thou art not among those who adore?"

Said he, "I would not adore a mortal whom Thou hast created from crackling clay of black mud wrought into form."

He said, "Then get thee forth therefrom, and, verily, thou art to be pelted! (35) And, verily, the curse is upon thee until the day of judgment."

Said he, "O my Lord! respite me until the day when they shall be raised." He said, "Then, verily, thou art of the respited until the day of the noted time."

He said, "O my Lord! for that Thou hast seduced me, I will surely make it seem seemly for them on earth, and I will surely seduce them

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all together; (40) save such of Thy servants amongst them as are sincere." Said He, "This is a right way against Me. Verily, my servants thou hast no authority over, save over those who follow thee of such as are seduced; and, verily, Hell is promised to them all together!"

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