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CHAPTER VI., Verse 112.—So have we made for every prophet an enemy—devils of men and jinns; some of them inspire others with specious speech to lead astray; but had thy Lord pleased, they would not have done it; so leave them with what they do devise.

… Verse 127.—And on the day when He shall gather them all together, "O assembly of the jinns! ye have got much out of mankind!" And their clients from among mankind shall say; "O our Lord! much advantage had we one from another; but we reached our appointed time which thou hadst appointed for us." Says He, "The fire is your resort, to dwell therein for aye! save what God pleases; verily, thy Lord is wise and knowing."

Chapter XI., Verse 120.—"I will surely fill Hell with jinns and mankind altogether."

Chapter XV., Verse 28.—And the jinns had we created before of smokeless fire.

Chapter LI., Verse 55.—And I have not created the jinn and mankind save that they may worship Me.

I do not desire any provision from them, and I do not wish them to feed Me.

p. 49

Chapter LXXII., Verse 1.—In the name of the Merciful and Compassionate God.

Say, "I have been inspired that there listened a company of the jinn, and they said, "We have heard a marvellous Koran that guides to the right direction; and we believe therein, and we join no one with our Lord, for, verily, He—may the majesty of our Lord be exalted!—has taken to Himself neither consort nor son.

"And, verily, a fool among us spake against God wide of the mark!

(5) "And we thought that men and jinn would never speak a lie against God.

"And there are persons amongst men who seek for refuge with persons amongst the jinn; but they increase them in their perverseness. And they thought, as ye thought, that God would not raise up any one from the dead.

"But we touched the heavens and found them filled with a mighty guard and shooting-stars, and we did sit in certain seats thereof to listen; but whoso of us listens now finds a shooting-star for him on guard.

(10) "And, verily, we know not whether evil be meant for those who are in the earth, or if their Lord means right by them.

"And of us are some who are pious, and of us are some who are otherwise; we are in separate bands.

"And we thought that we could not frustrate God in the earth, and could not frustrate Him by flight.

"But, verily, when we heard the guidance we believed therein; and he who believes in his Lord shall fear neither diminution nor loss.

p. 50

"And, verily, of us are some who are Muslims, and of us some are trespassers; but those of us who are Muslims, they strive after right direction (15) and as for the trespassers they are fuel for Hell."

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