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Sūra CXIV.: Nās, or Mankind. Index

The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra CXIV.: Nās, or Mankind.

Section 1

1. Qul aAAoothu birabbi alnnasi

1. Say: I seek refuge
With the Lord
And Cherisher of Mankind,

2. Maliki alnnasi

2. The King (or Ruler)
Of Mankind,

3. Ilahi alnnasi

3. The God (or Judge)
Of Mankind,—

4. Min sharri alwaswasi alkhannasi

4. From the mischief
Of the Whisperer
(Of Evil), who withdraws
(After his whisper),—

5. Allathee yuwaswisu fee sudoori alnnasi

5. (The same) who whispers
Into the hearts of Mankind,—

6. Mina aljinnati waalnnasi

6. Among Jinns
And among Men.