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Sūra XCII.: Lail, or The Night. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra XCII.: Lail, or The Night.

Section 1

1. Waallayli itha yaghsha

1. By the Night as it
Conceals (the light);

2. Waalnnahari itha tajalla

2. By the Day as it
Appears in glory;

3. Wama khalaqa alththakara waal-ontha

3. By (the mystery of)
The creation of male
And female;—

4. Inna saAAyakum lashatta

4. Verily, (the ends) ye
Strive for are diverse.

5. Faamma man aAAta waittaqa

5. So he who gives
(In charity) and fears (God),

6. Wasaddaqa bialhusna

6. And (in all sincerity)
Testifies to the Best,—

7. Fasanuyassiruhu lilyusra

7. We will indeed
Make smooth for him
The path to Bliss,

8. Waamma man bakhila waistaghna

8. But he who is
A greedy miser
And thinks himself

9. Wakaththaba bialhusna

9. And gives the lie
To the Best,—

10. Fasanuyassiruhu lilAAusra

10. We will indeed
Make smooth for him
The Path to Misery;

11. Wama yughnee AAanhu maluhu itha taradda

11. Nor will his wealth
Profit him when he
Falls headlong (into the Pit).

12. Inna AAalayna lalhuda

12. Verily We take
Upon Ourselves to guide,

13. Wa-inna lana lal-akhirata waal-oola

13. And verily unto Us
(Belong) the End
And the Beginning,

14. Faanthartukum naran talaththa

14. Therefore do I warn you
Of a Fire blazing fiercely;

15. La yaslaha illa al-ashqa

15. None shall reach it
But those most unfortunate ones

16. Allathee kaththaba watawalla

16. Who give the lie to Truth
And turn their backs.

17. Wasayujannabuha al-atqa

17. But those most devoted
To God shall be
Removed far from it,—

18. Allathee yu/tee malahu yatazakka

18. Those who spend their wealth
For increase in self-purification,

19. Wama li-ahadin AAindahu min niAAmatin tujza

19. And have in their minds
No favour from anyone
For which a reward
Is expected in return,

20. Illa ibtighaa wajhi rabbihi al-aAAla

20. But only the desire
To seek for the Countenance
Of their Lord Most High;

21. Walasawfa yarda  

21. And soon will they
Attain (complete) satisfaction.

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