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Sūra LXXVIII.: Nabaa, or The (Great) News. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra LXXVIII.: Nabaa, or The (Great) News.

Section 1

1. AAamma yatasaaloona

1. Concerning what
Are they disputing?

2. AAani alnnaba-i alAAatheemi

2. Concerning the Great News,

3. Allathee hum feehi mukhtalifoona

3. About which they
Cannot agree.

4. Kalla sayaAAlamoona

4. Verily, they shall soon
(Come to) know!

5. Thumma kalla sayaAAlamoona

5. Verily, verily they shall
Soon (come to) know!

6. Alam najAAali al-arda mihadan

6. Have We not made
The earth as a wide

7. Waaljibala awtadan

7. And the mountains as pegs?

8. Wakhalaqnakum azwajan

8. And (have We not) created
You in pairs,

9. WajaAAalna nawmakum subatan

9. And made your sleep
For rest,

10. WajaAAalna allayla libasan

10. And made the night
As a covering,

11. WajaAAalna alnnahara maAAashan

11. And made the day
As a means of subsistence?

12. Wabanayna fawqakum sabAAan shidadan

12. And (have We not)
Built over you
The seven firmaments,

13. WajaAAalna sirajan wahhajan

13. And placed (therein)
A Light of Splendour?

14. Waanzalna mina almuAAsirati maan thajjajan

14. And do We not send down
From the clouds water
In abundance,

15. Linukhrija bihi habban wanabatan

15. That We may produce
Therewith corn and vegetables,

16. Wajannatin alfafan

16. And gardens of luxurious growth?

17. Inna yawma alfasli kana meeqatan

17. Verily the Day
Of Sorting Out
Is a thing appointed,—

18. Yawma yunfakhu fee alssoori fata/toona afwajan

18. The Day that the Trumpet
Shall be sounded, and ye
Shall come forth in crowds;

19. Wafutihati alssamao fakanat abwaban

19. And the heavens
Shall be opened
As if there were doors,

20. Wasuyyirati aljibalu fakanat saraban

20. And the mountains
Shall vanish, as if
They were a mirage.

21. Inna jahannama kanat mirsadan

21. Truly Hell is
As a place of ambush,—

22. Lilttagheena maaban

22. For the transgressors
A place of destination:

23. Labitheena feeha ahqaban

23. They will dwell therein
For ages.

24. La yathooqoona feeha bardan wala sharaban

24. Nothing cool shall they taste
Therein, nor any drink,

25. Illa hameeman waghassaqan

25. Save a boiling fluid
And a fluid, dark, murky,
Intensely cold,—

26. Jazaan wifaqan

26. A fitting recompense
(For them).

27. Innahum kanoo la yarjoona hisaban

27. For that they used not
To fear any account
(For their deeds),

28. Wakaththaboo bi-ayatina kiththaban

28. But they (impudently) treated
Our Signs as false.

29. Wakulla shay-in ahsaynahu kitaban

29. And all things have We
Preserved on record.

30. Fathooqoo falan nazeedakum illa AAathaban

30. "So taste ye (the fruits
Of your deeds);
For no increase
Shall We grant you,
Except in Punishment.

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