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Sūra LXII.: Jumu‘a, or the Assembly (Friday) Prayer. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra LXII.: Jumu‘a, or the Assembly (Friday) Prayer.

Section 2

9. Ya ayyuha allatheena amanoo itha noodiya lilssalati min yawmi aljumuAAati faisAAaw ila thikri Allahi watharoo albayAAa thalikum khayrun lakum in kuntum taAAlamoona

9. O ye who believe!
When the call is proclaimed
To prayer on Friday
(The Day of Assembly),
Hasten earnestly to the
Of God, and leave off
Business (and traffic):
That is best for you
If ye but knew!

10. Fa-itha qudiyati alssalatu faintashiroo fee al-ardi waibtaghoo min fadli Allahi waothkuroo Allaha katheeran laAAallakum tuflihoona

10. And when the Prayer
Is finished, then may ye
Disperse through the land,
And seek of the Bounty
Of God: and celebrate
The Praises of God
Often (and without stint):
That ye may prosper.

11. Wa-itha raaw tijaratan aw lahwan infaddoo ilayha watarakooka qa-iman qul ma AAinda Allahi khayrun mina allahwi wamina alttijarati waAllahu khayru alrraziqeena

11. But when they see
Some bargain or some
Amusement, they disperse
Headlong to it, and leave
Thee standing. Say:
"The (blessing) from the Presence
Of God is better than
Any amusement or bargain!
And God is the Best
To provide (for all needs)."

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