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Sūra L.: Qāf. Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra L.: Qāf.

Section 1

1. Qaf waalqur-ani almajeedi

1. Qāf.
By the Glorious Qur-ān
(Thou art God's Apostle).

2. Bal AAajiboo an jaahum munthirun minhum faqala alkafiroona hatha shay-on AAajeebun

2. But they wonder that
There has come to them
A Warner from among
So the Unbelievers say:
"This is a wonderful thing!

3. A-itha mitna wakunna turaban thalika rajAAun baAAeedun

3. "What! When we die
And become dust, (shall we
Live again?) That is
A (sort of) Return
Far (from our understanding)."

4. Qad AAalimna ma tanqusu al-ardu minhum waAAindana kitabun hafeethun

4. We already know
How much of them
The earth takes away:
With Us is a Record
Guarding (the full account).

5. Bal kaththaboo bialhaqqi lamma jaahum fahum fee amrin mareejin

5. But they deny the truth
When it comes to them:
So they are in
A confused state.

6. Afalam yanthuroo ila alssama-i fawqahum kayfa banaynaha wazayyannaha wama laha min furoojin

6. Do they not look
At the sky above them?—
How We have made it
And adorned it,
And there are no
Flaws in it?

7. Waal-arda madadnaha waalqayna feeha rawasiya waanbatna feeha min kulli zawjin baheejin

7. And the earth—
We have spread it out,
And set thereon mountains
Standing firm, and produced
Therein every kind of
Beautiful growth (in pairs)—

8. Tabsiratan wathikra likulli AAabdin muneebin

8. To be observed
And commemorated
By every devotee
Turning (to God).

9. Wanazzalna mina alssama-i maan mubarakan faanbatna bihi jannatin wahabba alhaseedi

9. And We send down
From the sky Rain
Charged with blessing,
And We produce therewith
Gardens and Grain for harvests;

10. Waalnnakhla basiqatin laha talAAun nadeedun

10. And tall (and stately)
Palm-trees, with shoots
Of fruit-stalks, piled
One over another;—

11. Rizqan lilAAibadi waahyayna bihi baldatan maytan kathalika alkhurooju


12. Kaththabat qablahum qawmu noohin waas-habu alrrassi wathamoodu

12. Before them was denied
(The Hereafter) by the People
Of Noah, the Companions
Of the Rass, the Thamūd,

13. WaAAadun wafirAAawnu wa-ikhwanu lootin

13. The ‘Ād, Pharaoh,
The Brethren of Lūṭ,

14. Waas-habu al-aykati waqawmu tubbaAAin kullun kaththaba alrrusula fahaqqa waAAeedi

14. The Companions of the Wood,
And the People of Tubba‘;
Each one (of them) rejected
The apostles, and My warning
Was duly fulfilled (in them).

15. AfaAAayeena bialkhalqi al-awwali bal hum fee labsin min khalqin jadeedin

15. Were We then weary
With the first Creation,
That they should be
In confused doubt
About a new Creation?

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