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Sūra XXXIX.: Zumar, or the Crowds. Index
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Sūra XXXIX.: Zumar, or the Crowds.

Section 4

32. Faman athlamu mimman kathaba AAala Allahi wakaththaba bialssidqi ith jaahu alaysa fee jahannama mathwan lilkafireena

32. Who, then, doth more wrong
Than one who utters
A lie concerning God,
And rejects the Truth
When it comes to him
Is there not in Hell
An abode for blasphemers?

33. Waallathee jaa bialssidqi wasaddaqa bihi ola-ika humu almuttaqoona

33. And he who brings the Truth
And he who confirms
(And supports) it—such are
The men who do right.

34. Lahum ma yashaoona AAinda rabbihim thalika jazao almuhsineena

34. They shall have all
That they wish for,
In the presence of their Lord:
Such is the reward
Of those who do good:

35. Liyukaffira Allahu AAanhum aswaa allathee AAamiloo wayajziyahum ajrahum bi-ahsani allathee kanoo yaAAmaloona

35. So that God will
Turn off from them
(Even) the worst in their deeds
And give them their reward
According to the best
Of what they have done.

36. Alaysa Allahu bikafin AAabdahu wayukhawwifoonaka biallatheena min doonihi waman yudlili Allahu fama lahu min hadin

36. Is not God enough
For His servant? But
They try to frighten thee
With other (gods) besides Him!
For such as God leaves
To stray, there can be
No guide.

37. Waman yahdi Allahu fama lahu min mudillin alaysa Allahu biAAazeezin thee intiqamin

37. And such as God doth
Guide there can be
None to lead astray.
Is not God Exalted
In Power, (Able to enforce
His Will), Lord of Retribution?

38. Wala-in saaltahum man khalaqa alssamawati waal-arda layaqoolunna Allahu qul afaraaytum ma tadAAoona min dooni Allahi in aradaniya Allahu bidurrin hal hunna kashifatu durrihi aw aradanee birahmatin hal hunna mumsikatu rahmatihi qul hasbiya Allahu AAalayhi yatawakkalu almutawakkiloona

38. If indeed thou ask them
Who it is that created
The heavens and the earth,
They would be sure to say.
"God ". Say: "See ye then?
The things that ye invoke
Besides God,—can they,
If God wills some Penalty
For me, remove His Penalty?—
Or if He wills some Grace
For me, can they keep back
His Grace?" Say: "Sufficient
Is God for me!
In Him trust those
Who put their trust."

39. Qul ya qawmi iAAmaloo AAala makanatikum innee AAamilun fasawfa taAAlamoona

39. Say: "O my people!
Do whatever ye can:
I will do (my part):
But soon will ye know—

40. Man ya/teehi AAathabun yukhzeehi wayahillu AAalayhi AAathabun muqeemun

40. "Who it is to whom
Comes a Penalty
Of ignominy, and on whom
Descends a Penalty that abides."

41. Inna anzalna AAalayka alkitaba lilnnasi bialhaqqi famani ihtada falinafsihi waman dalla fa-innama yadillu AAalayha wama anta AAalayhim biwakeelin

41. Verily We have revealed
The Book to thee
In Truth, for (instructing)
He, then, that receives guidance
Benefits his own soul:
But he that strays
Injures his own soul.
Nor art thou set
Over them to dispose
Of their affairs.

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