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Sūra XXXIV.: Sabā, or the City of Sabā Index
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Sūra XXXIV.: Sabā, or the City of Sabā

Section 4

31. Waqala allatheena kafaroo lan nu/mina bihatha alqur-ani wala biallathee bayna yadayhi walaw tara ithi alththalimoona mawqoofoona AAinda rabbihim yarjiAAu baAAduhum ila baAAdin alqawla yaqoolu allatheena istudAAifoo lillatheena istakbaroo lawla antum lakunna mu/mineena

31. The Unbelievers say:
"We shall neither believe
In this scripture nor in (any)
That (came) before it."
Couldst thou but see when
The wrong-doers will be made
To stand before their Lord,
Throwing back the word (of blame)
On one another! Those who
Had been despised will say
To the arrogant ones:
"Had it not been for you,
We should certainly
Have been believers!"

32. Qala allatheena istakbaroo lillatheena istudAAifoo anahnu sadadnakum AAani alhuda baAAda ith jaakum bal kuntum mujrimeena

32. The arrogant ones will say
To those who had been despised:
"Was it we who kept you
Back from Guidance after
It reached you? Nay, rather,
It was ye who transgressed.

33. Waqala allatheena istudAAifoo lillatheena istakbaroo bal makru allayli waalnnahari ith ta/muroonana an nakfura biAllahi wanajAAala lahu andadan waasarroo alnnadamata lamma raawoo alAAathaba wajaAAalna al-aghlala fee aAAnaqi allatheena kafaroo hal yujzawna illa ma kanoo yaAAmaloona

33. Those who had been despised
Will say to the arrogant ones:
"Nay! it was a plot
(Of yours) by day and by night:
Behold! ye (constantly) ordered us
To be ungrateful to God
And to attribute equals to Him!
They will declare (their) repentance
When they see the Penalty:
We shall put yokes
On the necks of the Unbelievers:
It would only be a requital
For their (ill) Deeds.

34. Wama arsalna fee qaryatin min natheerin illa qala mutrafooha inna bima orsiltum bihi kafiroona

34. Never did We send
A Warner to a population,
But the wealthy ones among them
Said: "We believe not
In the (Message) with which
Ye have been sent."

35. Waqaloo nahnu aktharu amwalan waawladan wama nahnu bimuAAaththabeena

35. They said: "We have more
In wealth and in sons
And we cannot be punished."

36. Qul inna rabbee yabsutu alrrizqa liman yashao wayaqdiru walakinna akthara alnnasi la yaAAlamoona

36. Say: "Verily my Lord enlarges
And restricts the Provision
To whom He pleases, but
Most men understand not."

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