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Sūra XIX.: Maryam, or Mary. Index
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Sūra XIX.: Maryam, or Mary.

Section 6

83. Alam tara anna arsalna alshshayateena AAala alkafireena taozzuhum azzan

83. Seest thou not that We
Have set the Evil Ones on
Against the Unbelievers,
To incite them with fury?

84. Fala taAAjal AAalayhim innama naAAuddu lahum AAaddan

84. So make no haste
Against them, for We
But count out to them
A (limited) number (of days).

85. Yawma nahshuru almuttaqeena ila alrrahmani wafdan

85. The day We shall gather
The righteous to (God)
Most Gracious, like a hand
Presented before a king for honours,

86. Wanasooqu almujrimeena ila jahannama wirdan

86. And We shall drive
The sinners to hell,
Like thirsty cattle
Driven down to water,—

87. La yamlikoona alshshafaAAata illa mani ittakhatha AAinda alrrahmani AAahdan

87. None shall have the power
Of intercession, but such a one
As has received permission (or promise)
From (God) Most Gracious.

88. Waqaloo ittakhatha alrrahmanu waladan

88. They say: "(God) Most Gracious
Has begotten a son!"

89. Laqad ji/tum shay-an iddan

89. Indeed ye have put forth
A thing most monstrous!

90. Takadu alssamawatu yatafattarna minhu watanshaqqu al-ardu watakhirru aljibalu haddan

90. At it the skies are ready
To burst, the earth
To split asunder, and
The mountains to fall down
In utter ruin,

91. An daAAaw lilrrahmani waladan

91. That they should invoke
A son for (God) Most Gracious.

92. Wama yanbaghee lilrrahmani an yattakhitha waladan

92. For it is not consonant
With the majesty of (God)
Most Gracious that He
Should beget a son.

93. In kullu man fee alssamawati waal-ardi illa atee alrrahmani AAabdan

93. Not one of the beings
In the heavens and the earth
But must come to (God)
Most Gracious as a servant.

94. Laqad ahsahum waAAaddahum AAaddan

94. He does take an account
Of them (all), and hath
Numbered them (all) exactly.

95. Wakulluhum ateehi yawma alqiyamati fardan

95. And everyone of them
Will come to Him singly
On the Day of Judgment.

96. Inna allatheena amanoo waAAamiloo alssalihati sayajAAalu lahumu alrrahmanu wuddan

96. On those who believe
And work deeds of righteousness,
Will (God) Most Gracious
Bestow Love.

97. Fa-innama yassarnahu bilisanika litubashshira bihi almuttaqeena watunthira bihi qawman luddan

97. So have We made
The (Qur-ān) easy
In thine own tongue,
That with it thou mayest give
Glad tidings to the righteous,
And warnings to people
Given to contention.

98. Wakam ahlakna qablahum min qarnin hal tuhissu minhum min ahadin aw tasmaAAu lahum rikzan

98. But how many (countless)
Generations before them
Have We destroyed? Canst thou
Find a single one of them
(Now) or hear. (so much
As) a whisper of them?

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