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Sūra IX.: Tauba (Repentance) or Barāat (Immunity). Index
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The Holy Quran, tr. by Yusuf Ali, [1934], at

Sūra IX.: Tauba (Repentance) or Barāat (Immunity).

Section 2

7. Kayfa yakoonu lilmushrikeena AAahdun AAinda Allahi waAAinda rasoolihi illa allatheena AAahadtum AAinda almasjidi alharami fama istaqamoo lakum faistaqeemoo lahum inna Allaha yuhibbu almuttaqeena

7. How can there be a league,
Before God and His Apostle,
With the Pagans, except those
With whom ye made a treaty
Near the Sacred Mosque?
As long as these stand true
To you, stand ye true to them:
For God doth love the righteous.

8. Kayfa wa-in yathharoo AAalaykum la yarquboo feekum illan wala thimmatan yurdoonakum bi-afwahihim wata/ba quloobuhum waaktharuhum fasiqoona

8. How (can there be such a league),
Seeing that if they get an advantage
Over you, they respect not
In you the ties either of kinship
Or of covenant? With (fair words
From) their mouths they entice you,
But their hearts are averse
From you; and most of them
Are rebellious and wicked.

9. Ishtaraw bi-ayati Allahi thamanan qaleelan fasaddoo AAan sabeelihi innahum saa ma kanoo yaAAmaloona

9. The Signs of God have they sold
For a miserable price,
And (many) have they hindered
From His Way: evil indeed
Are the deeds they have done.

10. La yarquboona fee mu/minin illan wala thimmatan waola-ika humu almuAAtadoona

10. In a Believer they respect not
The ties either of kinship
Or of covenant! It is they
Who have transgressed all bounds.

11. Fa-in taboo waaqamoo alssalata waatawoo alzzakata fa-ikhwanukum fee alddeeni wanufassilu al-ayati liqawmin yaAAlamoona

11. But (even so), if they repent,
Establish regular prayers,
And practise regular charity,—
They are your brethren in Faith:
(Thus) do We explain the Signs
in detail, for those who understand.

12. Wa-in nakathoo aymanahum min baAAdi AAahdihim wataAAanoo fee deenikum faqatiloo a-immata alkufri innahum la aymana lahum laAAallahum yantahoona

12. But if they violate their oaths
After their covenant,
And taunt you for your Faith,—
Fight ye the chiefs of Unfaith:
For their oaths are nothing to them:
That thus they may be restrained.

13. Ala tuqatiloona qawman nakathoo aymanahum wahammoo bi-ikhraji alrrasooli wahum badaookum awwala marratin atakhshawnahum faAllahu ahaqqu an takhshawhu in kuntum mu/mineena

13. Will ye not fight people
Who violated their oaths,
Plotted to expel the Apostle,
And took the aggressive
By being the first (to assault) you?
Do ye fear them? Nay,
It is God Whom ye should
More justly fear, if ye believe!

14. Qatiloohum yuAAaththibhumu Allahu bi-aydeekum wayukhzihim wayansurkum AAalayhim wayashfi sudoora qawmin mu/mineena

14. Fight them, and God will
Punish them by your hands,
Cover them with shame,
Help you (to victory) over them,
Heal the breasts of Believers,

15. Wayuthhib ghaytha quloobihim wayatoobu Allahu AAala man yashao waAllahu AAaleemun hakeemun

15. And still the indignation of their hearts!
For God will turn (in mercy)
To whom He will; and God
Is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

16. Am hasibtum an tutrakoo walamma yaAAlami Allahu allatheena jahadoo minkum walam yattakhithoo min dooni Allahi wala rasoolihi wala almu/mineena waleejatan waAllahu khabeerun bima taAAmaloona

16. Or think ye that ye
Shall be abandoned,
As though God did not know'
Those among you who strive
With might and main, and take
None for friends and protectors
Except God, His Apostle,
And the (community of) Believers?
But God is well-acquainted
With (all) that ye do.

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