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Sūra VI.: An’ām, or Cattle. Index
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Sūra VI.: An’ām, or Cattle.

Section 8

61. Wahuwa alqahiru fawqa AAibadihi wayursilu AAalaykum hafathatan hatta itha jaa ahadakumu almawtu tawaffat-hu rusuluna wahum la yufarritoona

61. He is the Irresistible, (watching)
From above over His worshippers,
And He sets guardians
Over you. At length,
When death approaches
One of you, Our angels
Take his soul, and they
Never fail in their duty.

62. Thumma ruddoo ila Allahi mawlahumu alhaqqi ala lahu alhukmu wahuwa asraAAu alhasibeena

62. Then are men returned
Unto God, their Protector,
The (only) Reality:
Is not His the Command?
And He is the Swiftest
In taking account.

63. Qul man yunajjeekum min thulumati albarri waalbahri tadAAoonahu tadarruAAan wakhufyatan la-in anjana min hathihi lanakoonanna mina alshshakireena

63. Say: "Who is it
That delivereth you
From the dark recesses
Of land and sea,
When ye call upon Him
In humility
And silent terror:
If He only delivers us
From these (dangers),
(We vow) we shall truly
Show our gratitude?"

64. Quli Allahu yunajjeekum minha wamin kulli karbin thumma antum tushrikoona

64. Say: "It is God
That delivereth you
From these and all (other)
Distresses: and yet
Ye worship false gods!"

65. Qul huwa alqadiru AAala an yabAAatha AAalaykum AAathaban min fawqikum aw min tahti arjulikum aw yalbisakum shiyaAAan wayutheeqa baAAdakum ba/sa baAAdin onthur kayfa nusarrifu al-ayati laAAallahum yafqahoona

65. Say: "He hath power
To send calamities
On you, from above
And below, or to cover
You with confusion
In party strife,
Giving you a taste
Of mutual vengeance—
Each from the other."
See how We explain
The Signs by various (symbols);
That they may understand.

66. Wakaththaba bihi qawmuka wahuwa alhaqqu qul lastu AAalaykum biwakeelin

66. But thy people reject
This, though it is
The Truth. Say: "Not mine
Is the responsibility
For arranging your affairs;

67. Likulli naba-in mustaqarrun wasawfa taAAlamoona

67. For every Message
Is a limit of time,
And soon shall ye
Know it."

68. Wa-itha raayta allatheena yakhoodoona fee ayatina faaAArid AAanhum hatta yakhoodoo fee hadeethin ghayrihi wa-imma yunsiyannaka alshshaytanu fala taqAAud baAAda alththikra maAAa alqawmi alththalimeena

68. When thou seest men
Engaged in vain discourse
About Our Signs, turn
Away from them unless
They turn to a different
Theme. If Satan ever
Makes thee forget, then
After recollection, sit not
Thou in the company
Of those who do wrong.

69. Wama AAala allatheena yattaqoona min hisabihim min shay-in walakin thikra laAAallahum yattaqoona

69. On their account
No responsibility
Falls on the righteous,
But (their duty)
Is to remind them,
That they may (learn
To) fear God.

70. Wathari allatheena ittakhathoo deenahum laAAiban walahwan wagharrat-humu alhayatu alddunya wathakkir bihi an tubsala nafsun bima kasabat laysa laha min dooni Allahi waliyyun wala shafeeAAun wa-in taAAdil kulla AAadlin la yu/khath minha ola-ika allatheena obsiloo bima kasaboo lahum sharabun min hameemin waAAathabun aleemun bima kanoo yakfuroona

70. Leave alone those
Who take their religion
To be mere play
And amusement,
And are deceived
By the life of this world.
But proclaim (to them)
This (truth): that every soul
Delivers itself to ruin
By its own acts:
It will find for itself
No protector or intercessor
Except God: if it offered
Every ransom, (or
Reparation), none
Will be accepted: such is
(The end of) those who
Deliver themselves to ruin
By their own acts:
They will have for drink
(Only) boiling water,
And for punishment,
One most grievous:
For they persisted
In rejecting God.

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