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The Wife of The Pharaoh, Âsiyyah bent Muzâhim
She was one of the Israelites and was a faithful woman, and she was keeping her faith a secret to avoid the pharaoh, and when Moses defeated the wizards and they all believed in Moses and his Lord and lot of the Israelites showed their faith in Moses as well, she then showed his faith and her love to God and her tongue mentioned the sanctification for Him, so when the pharaoh knew about that, he got extremely angry and forbade her but she did not stop, so then he started to torture her, and as attributed to Ibn-`Abbâs that he said: the pharaoh took his wife Âsiyyah and when he knew that she was a believer and tortured her in several ways to let her stop believing, so then Moses passed by while she was being tortured so she complained to him by moving her finger so he prayed to God to have some relief towards her and so God did and she did not feel the pains of torture and she did not die because of the torture and she said while being tortured: My Lord! Build for me a home with thee in the Garden, and deliver me from Pharaoh and his work, and deliver me from evil-doing folk(Al-Tahreem:11), so God inspired to her to lift her head up and so she did and she saw her home in paradise and it was built with pearls so she laughed, and the pharaoh then said: look how crazy she is, she laughs while being tortured. Some say that she was tortured under the sun and when everyone is gone away from her the angels came down to her and showed her her house in paradise.
As it is attributed to the prophet (PUH) he said: the best women of paradise are four, Khadijah bent Khuwaylid [The prophet's wife] and Fâtimah bent Muhammad [the prophet's daughter], and Mary the daughter of Amram [Mary the mother of Jesus], and Âsiyyah bent Muzâhim, the pharaoh's wife. In a long narration that he (PUH) considered Ezekiel and his job and his wife and children, and his wife was the brusher for the pharaoh's daughters and she was a believer and once the brush fell off her hand and she said: by name of God! Then the daughter of the pharaoh said: he is my father, but the brusher the wife of Ezekiel said: no but He is my Lord and your Lord and your father's Lord, so the daughter told her father the pharaoh and so he called her with her children and said to her: who is your lord? She said: my and your lord is God, so then he ordered for an oven made of copper and it was boiled and then called her with her children and warned her but she did not get back to his religion and so when he wanted to throw her with her children into the oven she said: I request from you to gather my bones with my children's bones and bury them, he said then: your request will be fulfilled for the rights you have unto us, so then he ordered their children to be thrown into the oven one by another while she was looking at them and the last of them was an infant which said to his mother: be patient mother you are on the truthful way, and then she was thrown into the oven with her infant, until he (PUH) said at the end: and the wife of the pharaoh was one of the Israelites and she was a faithful woman and she used to worship God in secret until the pharaoh killed the wife of Ezekiel then she saw the angels flying with her soul and she was sure of that by many signs and so her faith increased and while she was like that the pharaoh went to her and told her what did he do, so then she said: woe to you O pharaoh! how dare you against God the Exalted, so he said to her: maybe you've been crazy like your mate before, so she said to him then: not been crazy but I believed in God, my Lord and your Lord and the Lord of the worlds, until he (PUH) said: then the pharaoh swore that she will taste the death or disbelieve in the God of Moses, and then he (PUH) said: then her mother met her and asked her to be with the pharaoh but she denied to be so and said: to disbelieve in God then this is something I will not do, so then the pharaoh ordered to bring her and she was stended by four wedges in her hands and legs and kept on torturing her until she died. So may peace be upon her with her mate.

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