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The Punishment of God for His Viceroys
As reported from Al-Þumali, he said: I prayed with `Ali ben Al-Husain (PUH) at dawn time in Medina and it was Friday, then he went home and I was with him so he called a maid for him called Sakeenah and said to her: no poor shall pass by my door without feeding him for today is Friday, so I said: not everyone asks is a poor man indeed, so he answered me: O Þâbit, I am afraid that some people that do ask us do really deserve to be feeded and we would not feed him and then shall come unto us what came unto Jacob and his household, and Jacob used to slay everyday a ram and give the poor people and eat from it with his children, and then came to his door a stranger that had faith and high level for God and came to the door of Jacob one Friday evening while it was the time for him to break his fasting and called at the steps of the door: feed the hungry poor stranger from what you have and he did it many times and they could hear him but they did not believe him, and when he was despaired that they would feed him and night came over, he came back and complained to God about his hunger and slept with an empty stomache and with thanks to God, and Jacob with his houseold spent the night with full stomaches and some of their food is left, so then God inspired to Jacob in the morning of that night: O Jacob, you've humilated my servant in such a way that you deserved My punishment with your children, O Jacob, the most beloved prophets to Me are those who have mercy on My poor servants and feeded them and made themselves like homes for them, O Jacob you did not have mercy on My servant Ðimyâl the faithful when he passed over your door at the time of his fast breaking, and he shouted upon you to feed the stranger but you did not answer his calls, so he complained about it to Me and he slept with an empty stomache and thanked Me and completed his fasting, while you Jacob and your children were satisfied with plenty of your food left, did you not know O Jacob that My punishment come to My viceroys in a faster manner rather than it comes to My enemies, and that is because I love My viceroys, and I let My enemies gradually follow their doom, I swear by My Exaltation that I shall reveal upon you My tests and troubles, and I shall make you and your children a target for My troubles, so get ready for My troubles. Then Al-Þumâli said to `Ali ben Al-Husain (PUH): when did Joseph saw his dream? He answered: at that night that Jacob and his children slept with full stomaches and Ðimyâl slept with an empty stomache, and so when Joseph saw his dream and told it to his father Jacob, Jacob became sad and God inspired unto him that he should be ready for the test, so then Jacob said to Joseph: don't tell your brothers about this dream for I am afraid that they might trick you, but he did not keep his dream in secret and he told it to his brothers, and the first trouble that came upon Jacob and his household was envying Joseph when they heard about his dream, so then Jacob had more pity for Joseph and he was afraid that what God inspired to him about the troubles would be in Joseph in special, so he took care of him so much rather than his brothers, so then when the brothers of Joseph so what Joseph has of high place for their father, it had been so hard for them and started to plot for him and said: Joseph and his brother (Benjamin) are more beloved for our father than us, so kill Joseph or throw him to the ground and you shall be the interest of your father and you shall become good people after him, and then they went to their father and said what was told in quran: O our father! Why wilt thou not trust us with Joseph..etc(Yousof:11), and his answer to them was: Lo! in truth it saddens me that ye should take him with you, and I fear less the wolf devour him while ye are heedless of him(Yousof:13), and the explanation will come later on by God's will.
For Joseph was the most beloved son to Jacob, his brothers envied him for this, and God did tell their story in His holy book, and been told by his prophet (PUH) and the story spread among his nation, and God did take the soul of Jacob in Egypt and he was one hundred fourty years old, then his son Joseph carried him to Palestine and buried him there beside Abraham and Isaac, and God also took the soul of Joseph in Egypt and he was one hundred twenty years old, and he was put in a tomb made of marble and blocked in lead and then been painted with paints to protect it from the air and water and then the tomb was thrown in the Nile towards the city of Manaf, and there lies his mosque as it was told, and it is mentioned also that Joseph ordered for his body to be carried out back beside his father Jacob at the mosque of Abraham, and peace shall be upon our prophet and his Houseold from God, and His mercy and blessings.

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