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Ishmael, Other Than The Son of Abraham (PUT)
It is mentioned that he is other than the son of Abraham, the friend of God (PUH) but it is possibly the son of Ezekiel the prophet was mentioned before, the one who resurrected the dead people by the permission of God and the owner of the bright miracles and the one whose prays are answered and hard working for God, and as attributed to Al-Sâdiq (PUH) that he said: Ishmael that God said about him in His holy book: And make mention in the Scripture of Ishmael. Lo! he was a keeper of his promise, and he was a messenger (of Allah), a prophet(Mariam:54), he was not Ishmael the son of Abraham but he was a prophet that God sent to his people and they took him and skinned his head and his face, so then an angel came to him and said: God the Almighty sent me to you so order me with whatever you want, so then he answered: this is to be done to me like it will be done with Al-Husain ben `Ali (PUT), and in other narrations he said "like it will be done to the prophets." As reported by Al-Kâfi from Al-Sâdiq (PUH) he said: he was called "keeper of his promise" because he promised a man in a place so he waited for him there for one year, and so God called him "keeper of his promise" and then the man came to him after that and Ishmael said to him: I am still waiting for you.
As attributed to Al-Ridhâ (PUH) he said what has the meaning in general: he had promised someone with a certain promise and waited for him for one year and he is Ishmael ben Ezekiel, and God praised him again by saying: He enjoined upon his people worship and almsgiving, and was acceptable in the sight of his Lord(Mariam:55). In a narration attributed to Zayd Al-`Ajli from Al-Sâdiq (PUH) and it is a long one about someone that asked him (PUH) about Ishmael the keeper of his promise, he answered: he is Ishmael ben Ezekiel the prophet, the one that was sent to his people but they disbelieved in him and killed him and skinned his face, so then God had the wrath upon them and He sent down Satâtâ'eel, the angel of torture, and he said to him (Ishmael): O Ishmael, I am the angel of torture and directed by the Lord of Exaltness to you to torture your folks as you like, and then Ishmael said: no need for that O Satâtâ'eel, then God inspired to him: what do you need O Ishmael? Then Ishmael said: O Lord, You had the covenant for Yourself for being a God, and for Muhammad to be a prophet, and for his viceroys to be leaders and You told Your creatures about what will happen to Al-Husain ben `Ali after the prophet, and You promised Al-Husain that he will be back into life again to take revenge for what had been done to him, so my need to You O Lord is to let me back into life again to take revenge from those who did that to me as You would turn Al-Husain back into life again, and God then promised Ishmael ben Ezekiel to do that, and he will be back with Al-Husain ben `Ali (PUT).

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