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The Prophet Jerjees (Georgeous) (PUH)
As attributed to Ibn `Abbâs he said that God sent Jerjees (PUH) to a king in the lands of Canaan that was called Ðu-Ðânah who used to worship an idol, and he advised him and guided him to worship God and forbid him to worship the idols and said to him: the creations should not worship except of God and don't pray except to Him, so then the king said: from where are you? and he answered: from the Romans and live in Palestine, and then he ordered to capture him and then he ordered to brush his body with iron brushes until the meat of his body fell down and then sprankled the vinegar over him and rubbed his body with harsh tools and then ironed his body just to let him die by torture, but since he didn't die he then put long wedges in his head and made his brain go out like a liquid but he didn't die and then he put a large rock over his abdomen. When night came over an angel came down to him and said: O Jerjees, God says to you be patient and be glad and don't be afraid or God is with you and He shall make a relief for you and they shall kill you for four times and during all of that God shall remove the sense of pain from you and this is destined for you and He knows the ends. Then the king wiped him over his back and his abdomen and then got him back to the jail, and then the king wrote (a letter) to the magicians to send him the best of them so they sent him a magician who used everything he can of magic over him (Jerjees) but nothing did happen to him and then he brought a poison and made him drink it and Jerjees said: by the name of God that lies of the wicked and the magic of the magicians shall be astrayed by His truth, and nothing happened to him, and then said the magician: if I made the people of the earth to drink this poison then their powers would be gone and their eyes would go blind, and then said the magician to Jerjees (PUH): then you are the bright light and the shining lamp and the obvious truth and I testify that your God is true and everything else is false and I believed in Him and believed in His prophets and to Him I shall repent, and then the king killed him. Then he got Jerjees back to the jail and tortured him severely and he didn't die and then he torn him apart and threw him into a well and he died there. Then the king gathered with his folks for some food and drinks, and then the universe changed and it went dark and a black cloud came with lightning and thunder and the earth started to shake and they thought that this is their end, and God then ordered Michael (PUH) and he went to the head of the well and said: stand up O Jerjees by the permission of God and by His Will the One who created you, and then Jerjees stood up alive again and Michael got him out of the well and he said to him: be patient and be glad and then Jerjees went to the king and he said to him: God resurrected me and sent me to you to be a clue for you, and then stood the head officer and said: I believed in your God, the One who resurrected you after your death and I testify that He is the truth and everything else is false, and four thousand people followed him and all believed and followed Jerjees, and the king killed them all by the sword and then he ordered to bring a board made of copper and he fired under it until it went red and he made Jerjees to lie on it and then he ordered to bring lead and it was melted down and poured into his mouth and then he struck his eyes and his head with wedges and when he saw that this didn't kill him, he sat the fire under him until he died and ordered to throw his ashes to the wind.
In brief about what remained of his conditions is that God resurrected him by His Will and then sent him to the king while he was sitting with lot of his folks. Then one of the king's folks said: we have fourteen pulpits and food between our hands that is made of many plants some of them give fruit and some others don't, so ask your God to give each tree a life and to plant in each of them its own leaves and fruit and if He did that I shall believe in you, and then Jerjees put his knees on the floor and prayed to God and yet before leaving his place, every branch bore its fruit and when they saw that they had no way but to believe in him. When the king saw that he ordered to put him between two wedges and then a saw was put over his head and he was sawn into two halves and then he put them in a great cauldron and cooked his meat, and the earth went dark and God sent Isrâfeel (Raphael ?) and he shouted and made the people fall down over their faces and God resurrected him again and sent him again to the damned king and when people saw him they got amazed, and the king said: if I left this magician my people shall be doomed, and all of them then gathered together and wanted to kill him by the sword and then said Jerjees: don't be in a hurry to kill me, and then said: O Lord, if I died then idols shall be worshipped and I ask You to make my name among the people as an example of patience for those who reach You for every adversity and trouble, and then they knocked down his neck with the sword and he died, and they were out of town that time so after that they went inside it in a hurry and all of them were doomed.
Al-Mas'udi said: of those who were in the period of time after the Messiah, there was Jerjees (PUH) and he met some apostles and God sent him to a king in Mosul [in Iraq] and he called him to worship God but he killed him and God resurrected him and sent him back to him again and he killed him, and God resurrected him and in the third time he ordered that he shall be sawn and then burned and spreaded his ashes in Tigris and then God destroyed the king and all of his kingdom of those who followed him. This is as it was narrated by the people of Scripture who believed in Islam, and the truth is that God knows the truth.

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