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David (PUH)
When David killed Goliath, the armies got separated and got back from their coming destination and God made him victorious and he became closer for Saul and he (Saul) made him marry his daughter Michal and he also made him a leader fos his armies and the Israelites considered him a great man and the friendship grew tight between David and the son of Saul Yonaþân (Jonathan) and the relations between David and Saul were good for some time, and then when the conditions of David grew higher and he became famous among the people and the Israelites became under his commands, Saul envied him for this and feared him and feared that he would try to take from him the kingdom, so he desired to kill him and assasinate him, but his son Jonathan used to defend him (David) and praise him and show his father that he is loyal to him and worked on enhancing the position of David in the eyes of his father. When Saul wanted to destroy David, his wife Michal, the daughter of Saul, warned him and he ran away, and she told her father that he (David) is on his bed so send someone to kill him and when they wanted to they only found some clothes been covered. This is what was told by some historians and seems that they copied this from Torah apparently. Then David gathered his close relatives and his brothers in belief and whoever was escaping Saul of the Israelites and lot of others joined him and so he became stronger and he raised up to face Saul, and then many chasings and wars started between them and at the end David won and killed him (Saul).
They say then after that David went to the city of Hebron and then the men of Judah came to him and they were far from him before, and they gave him the kingdom and made him a king over the house of Judah as he is a king over others, and so his kingdom grew wider even, and there were a group of people of them (the house of Judah) and others among the Israelites that did not go along with him and went under the command of the son of Saul, and also the men of his father and the leaders of the armies, and wars again started between them until the son of Saul died after two years of wars beginning between him and David, and when he died, David had all the kingdom and all the Israelites came under his command and he lived in the city of Jirun (Hebron) [seems there is a printing mistake in this point], and it is the city of Al-Khaleel now [Al-Khaleel, the Arabic name of Hebron], and he lived there for seven years and then he moved to Sahyun (Zion) and it is a fort that was called later on by the city of Dâwud (David), and there lived beside him lot of enemies but at the end all of them came under his command and all of their lands became under the rule of the Israelites, and there were lot of wars during the days of rule of David and he went out of them victorious, and his kingdom grew wider until he reached the bay of Aqabah and the Euphrates in Iraq, so all of these lands went under his command after many wars that he won all, and so he conquered the lands of Palestine and took Damascus the capital of the Arameans after fierce wars, and he fought against the tribes and clans on the Euphrates and won against them all, and he ruled Jordan after wars with Ammonites. That was in brief what was mentioned in Torah and the real thing is known only by God.
It is attributed to Al-Bâqir (PUH) that he said: God did not send prophets as kings after Noah except of four: Ðul-Qarnain and his name was `Ayyâsh, and David and Solomon and Joseph (PUT), and as for `Ayyâsh he ruled what was between the east and west, and as for David he ruled the lands of Canaan upto the lands of Issachar, and so it was the same for Solomon, and as for Joseph he ruled Egypt and its lands and did not come over behind this. As for Solomon, maybe that was the beginning of his rule because what is well-known about him that he ruled what was between the east and west as Ðul-Qarnain without a difference, although there is a difference in the mentioned narration and only God knows. As reported by Sâhib Al-Kâmil [either a book's or a person's name] that David ben Jesse was from the house of Judah and when Saul was killed all of the Israelites came to him and gave him the keys of treasures of Saul and they made him a king over them and when he became a king God made him a prophet and revealed upon him the Zabur (Psalms) and He ordered the mountains and the birds to sanctify God with him when he does, and God did not give anyone a voice like his voice and whenever he used to read the psalms the beasts would come to him even if he wanted to take hold of their necks, and he used to worship at night and fast the daytime and used to eat from his own work and trade.
They say that at the time of David, the plague spread among the people and so he went out with them to the location of the Temple and he used to see before that time the angels going to heavens from that location and that is why he went to that location to pray to God in it, so when he stood in the location of the Rock and prayed to God to raise the plague from among them, God answered him then and they all knew that this spot is a sacred one and he made a mosque in it, and they started to build it for eleven years from the time of his rule but he died before it is done and he advised his son Solomon to complete its building. They say when the end of David drew near, he had a maid that used to lock all the doors and bring the keys to him, and then he prays to his Lord, and one night she locked all the doors as usual and then she came back and she saw a man so she said to him: who let you into the room? He said to her: I am the one who goes into the courts of kings without their permission, and David heard this so he asked: are you the angel of death? He said: yes, and David then said to him: shouldn't you send messangers to me to get prepared? Then the angel of death said: I sent to you many times before, and then David asked: who was your messanger? He said: where is your father and your brother and your neighbour, and he mentioned some names, so David answered: they all died, so he said: they are my messangers to you and you shall die as they died before, and so he took his soul. When he died, Solomon inherited his kingdom, and he had nineteen sons but only Solomon inherited him, and his age at the time of his death was one hundred years, and his rule was for forty years (out of the one hundred years), and some others say that he lived for one hundred and forty years.
Al-Mas`udi mentioned that God made the iron flexible for David and so he made out of it the shields and He made the mountains and the birds sanctify with him, and then he said: and God revealed upon him the psalms in Hebrew and made of one hundred and fifty chapters and divided it into three thirds, and the last third of them is made of sermons and attractions and warnings, and it has no commands and no laws, and David built a house for worshipping in Jerusalem and it is the Sacred House (the Temple) and it is the one the remained until this very day and it is called the chancel of David [Arabic: Mihrâb Dâwud], and from the top of it one can see the dead sea and the river Jordan, and God gave many favours for David and gave him lot of properities that would not pass over the mind of anyone and He praised him aind thanked for him the beautiful stands he did take.
God did test him and showed his faith and he was one of the best that God did choose for His religion and for His inspirations, of those who guide with His own commands and turn angry for His case with a plain clue that is not corrupted with doubt, for they are infallible and faithful and wise with passion.

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