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The Prayer of Abu Hamzah Al-Þomálí

This is a humble translation for the prayer (or Dua') as it is called in Arabic. The prayer is called by this name after the man who narrated it from his master, imam Ali the son of Al-Husain (Zainul-`Ábidín), the fourth imam according to the Shiite belief, and the son of the martyr of Karbala, imam Al-Husain. Abu Hamzah narrated that his master used to pray with this prayer every night of Ramadhan.

The English translation of this prayer is not what people might call "perfect" but the meanings are given in simple, every day, English.

This prayer is usually read on the nights of Ramadhan, the month of fasting for muslims, along with other many daily prayers.
I hope by this translation, that I make contact with the minds of people in the outer world, of some of the meanings that such texts carry in them. Meanings that are almost rare to be found in our modern life with its steady pressure.

Of course reading the main text in its original language would make more sense for those who understand Arabic literature. There are some words that are repeated in English but they are in fact several words in Arabic, in the original text. This is mainly because Arabic has a wide spectrum of meanings for one word, or several words can express the same meaning to some different degrees, and so on. However, the general meaning of the passage or line is to be taken here, and thus, sometimes the repetitive occurrences of words cannot be avoided.

This prayer has some different versions which only has a slight difference from the source used here in some words. Obviously the difference occurred because of the nature of the Arabic script. The source to this version is the book of "Mifátíh Al-Jinán" written by Sheik `Abbás Al-Qummí.

Following is the pronunciation guide:
Á: long "a" like in "father".
Í: long "i" like double "E" sound in "been".
U: a short vowel like the double "O" in "book".
H: Hard fricative sound close to "H".

Taher Al-Shemaly (TJ)

The Prayer

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Lord pray (bless) upon Mohammed, and the Household of Mohammed

O my Lord do not chasten me with Your punishment, and do not try me with Your tricks. From where shall I get the goodness O God and it cannot be found except from You, and from where shall I be safe except by You. Neither the one who did good dispensed with You, nor he who did the mischief and dare to be against you and did not satisfy You had been out of Your ability. O God, O God, O God (until you are out of breath), by You I've known You and You've guided me to You, and called me to You, and if it was not for You I would not have known who are You. Praise be to Allah whom I call and He answers me, even though I would be slow when He calls for me, and praise be to Allah whom I ask and He gives me, even though I would be hoarding up when He asks me, and praise be to Allah whom I call whenever I want for my need and be alone with Him for my secret, and by no mediator He fulfils my need. Praise be to Allah whom I pray to alone and no one else, and if I did no one would grant my necessity, and praise be to Allah whom I have hope in, and if I had hope in someone else he would disappoint me, and praise be to Allah who brought me to His care and dignified me, and never left me to the people who would humiliate me, and praise be to Allah who made Himself beloved to me even though He dispenses with me, and praise be to Allah who forgives me like if I have no sin. Thus, my God is the best I have and the One worthy of my praise.

My Lord I find the ways of requests towards You  open, and the sources of hope with You are abundant, and asking for help from Your favours is allowed, and the gates of praying to You for those who are in need are open, and I know that You are, for those of hope, in the place of answering, and for those who need to be rescued, You are in the place of rescue, and (I know) that running after Your generosity and being satisfied with Your command is a compensation from the prevention of those who hoard up, and far more rich over what those of possessions have in their hands, and that who travels to You is short in distance, and that You do not put a veil away from Your creations, unless their deeds veil them away from You, and I have reached You with my request, and went toward You with my necessity, and made my help call for You, and by praying to You I made my invocation, for neither rights upon You to be listening to me nor for Your forgiveness towards me, but for my trust in Your generosity and taking refuge in Your true promise, and taking refuge in believing in Your Oneness, and my absolute knowledge that You know that I have no other god save but You, and no other god is there but You, alone, with no companions. O my Lord You have said and Your saying is the truth and Your promise is true "ask Allah of His bounty" "Lo! Allah is ever Merciful unto you", and it is not one of Your characters O Master, that You command to be asked and prevent the gift, and You are the Giver of the gifts over the people of Your kingdom, and the Giver of love to them with Your passion.

O my Lord, You have grown me up in Your favours and charity when I was little, and made my name famous when I have grown up, thus O You who have grown me up in this life by His charity and His mercy and His favours, and pointed to me toward His forgiveness and generosity in the afterlife, my knowledge (of You) O Master is my guide to You, and my love for You is my mediator to You, and I am sure of my guide by Your guide, and I take refuge from my own mediator to Your own mediating.

I pray to You O Master with a tongue that is muted by its sin, O God, I speak to You with a heart that fell down by its crime. I pray to You O God with fear, with desire, with hope and scared. If I see my sins O Master I get shocked, and if I see Your generosity I become greedy, thus if You forgave then truly You the best Merciful, and if You punished then You are not unjust. My excuse O Allah to dare to ask You, although I commit what does not please You, is Your generosity and hospitality, and my help in my adversity with my shamelessness is Your passion and Your mercy, and I have hoped that You do not disappoint me from my wish, thus grant my hope and hear my pray, O You are the Best to pray to and the Best to hope for. Great is, O Master, my hope and bad are my deeds, thus give me from Your forgiveness as much as my hope and do not punish me for the worst of my deeds, for Your generosity is far beyond punishing the sinners, and Your patience is far above paying back for the negligent people, and I, O Master, take refuge by Your grace, and escaping away from You unto You, and applying what You have promised of forgiveness for those who have the good thought about You, and what am I O my God and what is my danger?. Give me by Your grace and give charity over me from Your forgiveness. O my God, veil me with Your veil, and forgive scolding me by Your Face's generosity, for if someone else observed my sin other than You, then I would not have done it, and if I was afraid of the punishment I would have avoided it, not because You are the lowest to observe me and the lowest of those who look at me, but because You are O my God the Best of coverers, and the Wisest of rulers, and the most Generous of the generous ones. The Coverer of imperfections, the Forgiver of sins, the Knower of the unknown. You veil the sin by Your generosity, and delay the punishment by Your forgiveness, thus praise be to You for Your forgiveness after Your knowledge, and for Your forgiveness after Your Ability. And what makes me and dares me to refuse Your command Your forgiveness towards me, and what makes me shameless is Your veil over me, and what makes me hurry to Your taboos, my knowledge about Your great mercy, and Your great forgiveness. O Forgiver, O Most Generous, O Living, O Ever Living, O Forgiver of the sin, O Accepter of the repentance, O One of the great favours, O One of the old charity. Where is Your beautiful veil, where is Your holy forgiveness, where is Your close relief, where is Your rapid help, where is Your wide mercy, where is Your generous giving, where are Your joyful gifts, where are Your wonderful deeds, where is Your great grace, where is Your great favour, where is Your old charity, where is Your generosity O Most Generous, by it (them) and by Mohammed and the Household of Mohammed then rescue me, and by Your mercy relieve me. O charity Giver, O beauty Maker, O favours Giver, O grace Giver. I do not depend for being relieved from Your punishment on our deeds, but on Your grace over us, because You are the One of Faith and the One of forgiveness. You start with charity such favours, and forgive the sin with Your generosity, thus we do not know what to thank, the wonderful things You make? Or the ugly things (of us) that You hide? Or the great things that You have taken care of? Or the many things that You have saved us from? O Beloved to whom loved You, and the Joy to whom took refuge in You and had solitude with You. You are the Giver and we are the sinners, thus O God, forgive the ugly things we have with the beautiful things You have, and what type of ignorance that is not included in Your generosity? Or what time is longer than Your patience? And what is the value of our deeds beside Your favours? And how shall we consider our deeds to be much beside Your generosity? Even how come it is short for the sinners what was provided by Your wide mercy? O One of the wide forgiveness, O One who expands His hands with mercy, and (I swear) by Your Holiness O Master, if You scolded me then I would not leave Your door and I would not stop flattering You, for what I have known about Your generosity and grace, and You are the Donor for whatever You like. You torture anyone You like, with whatever You like, and however You like, and have mercy upon anyone You like, with whatever You like, and however You like, and You are never asked about Your deeds, and never been fought over Your Ownership, and never been accompanied with Your commands, and no opposition in Your Rule, and no one opposes Your planning. The creation and the command is for You, blessed is Allah the God of the worlds.

O God, this is the place of him who run unto You and took refuge in Your generosity, and got used to Your charity and Your favours, and You are the Generous that His forgiveness is never short, and His grace is never low, and His mercy is never less, and we have been sure about Your old forgiveness, and the great grace and the abundant mercy, thus would You O God disappoint our thoughts or let down our hopes? No, O Most Generous, for this is not we think of You and this is not our hope in You. O God verily we have in You a long abundant hope, verily we have in You a great hope. We rebelled against You and we hope that You veil us, and we prayed to You and we hope that You answer us, this grant our hopes O our Master, for we knew what should we do with our deeds, but Your knowledge about us, and our knowledge that You will never send us away, all of that made us run to You although we do not deserve Your mercy, but You are the One to have grace upon us, and upon the sinners, from Your abundant grace, thus give us the favours that You are known for, and have generosity upon us for we need it. O Forgiver by Your light we are guided, and by Your grace we are satisfied, and within Your favours we spend the day and night. Our sins are between Your hands, we ask for forgiveness from You about them and we repent to You. You make Yourself beloved to us with Your favours and we rebel against You with sins. Your Goodness is revealed upon us, and our badness is going up to You, and yet still there is an generous angel that arrives to You from us with the bad deeds, but that do not abandon You from surrounding us with Your favours and have grace upon us with Your gifts. Thus, glorified are You how forgiving and great and generous, a Starter and a Resuscitator, glorified are Your Names and glorified is Your Praise and generous are Your doings and deeds. You are my Lord of more favours and greater patience than to measure me with my deeds and my sins, thus the mercy, the mercy, the mercy, O Master, O Master, O Master.

O our Lord make us busy with Your mention, and spare us from Your wrath, and save us from Your torture, and give us from Your favours, and have grace upon us, and give us (the chance) for pilgrimage to Your holy House and to visit the grave of Your prophet, may Your prayers and Your mercy and Your Forgiveness and Your blesses be upon him and on his Household, verily You are Close and Answerer, and make us do a deed in Your obedience, and let us die under Your way and on the way of Your prophet, may Allah pray upon him and on his Household.

O our Lord, forgive me and my parents and have mercy upon them like they did grow me up when I was young, give them for their charity a charity and for the sins give forgiveness. O our Lord, forgive the believer-men and women, and the living and the dead, and continue in between us and them with goodness. O our Lord, forgive for our living and our dead, and our witness and our absent, our males and females, our young and old, our free and slaves. Lied those who astray away from Allah and got lost so far away and verily they had a great loss. O our Lord pray on Mohammed and the Household of Mohammed, and make my end to goodness, and satisfy me with what made my mind busy in this life and the afterlife, and never make over me someone who never have mercy upon me, and make over me an everlasting veil, and do not take the goodness that You gave me, and give me from Your grace an abundant and good fortune. O our Lord, guard me with Your guard, and save me with Your saving, and cover me with Your shield, and give me (the chance) for pilgrimage to Your holy House, in this year and in every year, and (the chance) to visit the grave of Your prophet and the imams may peace be upon them, and do not make me away from these holy scenes and these honourable places. O our Lord, relent toward me so that I will not sin (against You), and inspire me with the goodness and the ability to do it, and (give me) Your fear at day and night times as long You make me live, O God of the worlds.

O Our Lord, verily every time I say that I am ready, and stood up to pray between Your hands and speak with You, You would throw over me a sleepiness whenever I want to pray, and took away from me the ability to speak to You whenever I want to speak with You, what is wrong with me? Every time I say that myself is to good and I am closer to those of repentance, suddenly a trouble shows and trips my feet, and blocked me from serving You. O Master, maybe You have abandoned me from Your door? And away from serving You, You have moved me? Or maybe You have seen me lowering Your rights thus You abandoned me? Or maybe You have seen me away from You thus You left me? Or maybe You have seen me a liar thus You have refused me? Or maybe You have seen me not thankful for Your favours thus You have prohibited me? Or maybe You have seen me away from the gatherings of the wise people thus You have disappointed me?  Or maybe You have seen me an ignorant thus from Your mercy You made me despaired? Or maybe You have seen me getting used to the gatherings of the ignorant people thus You left me with them? Or maybe You did not like to hear my prayer thus You made me away (from You)? Or maybe You have rewarded me in return of my crime and mistake? Or maybe You have rewarded me for my shameless behaviour toward You? Thus, if You have forgiven, O my God, You already have forgiven for the sinners before me, because verily Your patience is far above paying back for the negligent people, and I am taking refuge unto Your grace and escaping from You unto You, and applying what You have promised of forgiveness to those who have the good thought of You. My Lord, You are of the widest grace and the greatest patience to measure me with my deeds, and punish me for my mistakes, and what am I O Master and what is my danger? Give me with Your grace O Master, and give me charity with Your forgiveness, and veil me all over, and forgive scolding me with the grace of Your Face. O Master, I am the little one that You have educated, and I am the ignorant that You have taught, and I am the one who went astray that You have guided, and I am the low down one that You have raised, and I am the scared one that You have made safe, and I am the hungry one that You have satisfied, and I am the thirsty one that You have quenched (his thirst), and I am the naked one that You have covered, and I am the poor one that You have made rich, and I am the weak one that You have made strong, and I am the humiliated one that You have glorified, and I am the sick one that You have cured, and I am the one asking that You have gave unto, and I am the sinner that You have veiled, and I am the one who did the mistake and You have forgave, and I am the one who had few and You have made into numerous numbers, and I am the one who had no one for ally and You have been victorious to, and I am the one who was banished and You have taken care of. I am O God the one that was not ashamed in front of You when I was alone, and did not watch You among the people. I am the one of the great sins. I am the one who dared against his Master. I am the one who disobeyed the Almighty of heavens. I am the one who bribed for the disobedience of the Holy. I am the one who heard the good tidings went out searching for it. I am the one whom You have gave time and have never refrained, and You have veiled me and yet I was not ashamed, and worked with the sins and got aggressive, and You have dropped me down from Your eyes (Your care) and I did not care. Thus, by Your patience You gave me time, and by Your veil You have veiled me, until like You have forgotten about me, and from the punishments of the sins You have avoided me, until like You were ashamed of me. O my Lord I did not disobey You when I did so and was disbelieving in Your Divinity, and not neglecting Your command, and not trying Your punishment, and not unconcerned about Your promises, but it was a mistake that came along, and my soul drove me to it, and my lust overcame me and was helped by my misery, and I was tricked by Your veil that was over me, thus I disobeyed You and went against You by my own will, and thus from Your own punishment who is going to rescue me? And from the hands of the opponents by tomorrow who is going to save me? And by what rope (way) then I shall hold on if You have cut Your rope away from me? Alas! what a shame (that I have) from what Your book had counted of my deeds, which if not for my hope in Your generosity and abundant mercy, and if not for Your command to me that I should not despair, I would have been despaired when I remember it (now). O You are the Best to pray to and the Best to hope for. O our Lord, by the way of Islam I beg You, and by the holiness of Quran I will depend on You, and by my love for the prophet, the Ummi (from the mother-town), the Qurashite (from the tribe of Quraish), the Hashimite (from the clan of Hashim), the Tohamite (from Tohama), the Meccan, the Medinian (from Medina), I hope for closeness to You, thus do not disturb my enjoyment with my faith, and do not make my rewards as the rewards of someone who worshipped other than You, for there are people who believed in You by their tongues to save their blood and they have achieved what they desired, and we believed in You by our tongues and hearts to forgive us, thus grant us what You have promised us, and plant Your hope in our chests, and do not let our hearts go astray after You have guided us, and give us from You such a mercy, verily You are the Giver. Thus, by Your Glory, if You scolded me I shall never leave the steps of Your door and never stopped flattering You, for what my heart was inspired with about Your generosity and the abundance of Your mercy. To where shall go the slave except to his Master? And where to shall the created take refuge unto except to his Creator? My Lord, if You tied me with chains, and abandoned me from having Your grace among the witnesses, and guided the eyes of the slaves to my scandals, and ordered for me to be in hell, and blocked the way between the faithful and me, then I shall not cut out the hope from You, and would not look some where else for mercy, and Your love shall never go out from my heart. I do not forget Your help for me and Your veils for me in this life. O Master let the love of this life go out from my heart, and gather me with the Chosen (the prophet) and his Household, the best of Your creations, and the last of prophets, Mohammed, may Allah pray upon him and upon his Household, and move me to the level of repentance for You, and help me to cry over myself, for verily I have lost my life in hopes and procrastination, and I have become in the place of losing faith in my goodness, thus who has a worse situation than mine, if I was moved in this state into a grave that I did not prepare for my sleep, and did not furnish it with the good deeds for my laying. Thus, why should not I cry, I cry for the outing of my soul, I cry for the darkness of my grave, I cry for the narrowness of my grave, I cry for the questions of Munkar and Nakír [two angels that ask the dead about their deeds] to me, I cry for me going out naked from my grave and humiliated and carrying my burdens over my back, looking once to the right and once to the left while the creations are busy with something else other than me. Every man that day will have concern enough to make him heedless (of others), On that day faces will be bright as dawn, Laughing, rejoicing at good news; And other faces, on that day, with dust upon them, Veiled in darkness, and humiliation. Master upon You shall be my help and dependence, and my hope and my reliance, and upon Your mercy shall be my holding. You guide whoever You want and guide by Your generosity whoever You love. Thus, praise be to You for purifying my heart of polytheism, and praise be to You for fixing my tongue, or shall I be praising You with this tiresome tongue? Or by doing the best of deed shall I satisfy You? And what is the value of my tongue beside praising You? And what is the value of my deeds beside Your favours and charity?

O my Lord, Your generosity widened my hope, and Your praise accepted my deeds. My Master, to You goes my desire and to You goes my fear, and to You goes my hope and I was guided to You by my hope, and upon (for) You O my One my deeds shall be achieved, and for what You have my desire went on, and to You goes my sincere hopes and fears, and by You my love got satisfaction, and towards You I did expand my hand, and by the rope of obedience to You I shall expand my fear (of You).

O my Master, by Your mention did my heart live, and by speaking to You I cooled down the pains of fear from me, thus O my Master and my Hope and the end to my enquiry, separate between me and my sin that keeps away from obeying You, for I ask You for the old hope in You, and the great desires from You, of what You have assigned to Yourself of passion and mercy, thus it is all for You alone and no one share it with You, and all the creations are dependant upon You and are in Your fist, and everything is under Your control, blessed You are O God of the Worlds.

O my Lord, have mercy upon me if my causes were out, and my tongue was tired to answer You, and my mind went astray when You ask me, thus O my Great Hope do not disappoint me when my necessity is extreme, and do not turn me back for my ignorance, and do not abandon me for my short patience. Give me for my poverty, and have mercy upon me for my weakness, O Master upon You shall be my dependence and help, and my hope and my reliance, and by Your mercy I shall hang on, and over Your space I shall settle down, and by Your generosity I shall seek my needs, and by Your generosity O God I begin my pray, and with You I seek my necessity, and by Your richness I fix my necessity, and under the shade of Your forgiveness shall be my standing, and to Your hospitability and generosity I shall raise my eye sight, and at Your good deeds I shall stare, thus do not burn me in hell while You are my hope, and do not make me settle in the bottom (of hell) and You are the joy of my eyes. O Master do not despair me with Your charity and favour, for You are my trust, and do not prohibit me from Your reward, for You know my poverty.

O my Lord, if my end was near, and my deeds did not make me any closer to You, I shall then make confessing my sins the way to get to You. O my Lord, if You have forgiven me then who shall be the first to forgive me? And if You have tortured then who is more just than You are? Have mercy in this life upon my strangeness, and at the time of death (have mercy upon) my trouble, and in the grave my loneliness, and in the tomb my fear, and when it is the time to be between your hand (have mercy upon me) for the humiliation of my situation, and forgive for me my deeds that humans did not know, and make eternal for me what You have gave me, and have mercy upon me when I am dead on bed flipped by the hands of my beloved, and have grace upon me when I am expanded on the wash basin (dead washing basin) while being flipped by my good neighbouring, and have passion upon me when I am carried while my relatives are catching the corners of my funeral, and have hospitality for me when I am down for You alone in my pit, and have mercy for my strangeness in that new house, so that I would not have joy except with You.

O Master, if You have relied me to myself then I am doomed, and then O Master from whom shall I ask for help if You did not help me? And whom shall I seek if I lost Your care in my sleep? And whom shall I take refuge unto if You did not relieve my adversity? O Master, who is for me and who shall have mercy upon me if You did not have mercy upon me? And whose grace shall I seek if I was forbidden from Your grace at the day of my necessity? And to where shall I escape from my sins if my life is over? O Master do not torture me while I am begging You.

O my Lord, satisfy my hopes and calm down my fears, for I seek Your forgiveness only for the abundance of my sins. O Master, I ask You what I do not deserve, and You are the One for faithfulness and forgiveness, thus forgive me, and make me wear from Your Sight a dress that covers my sins, and forgive me about it and never to ask me to give back again, for You are verily the One of the old favours and the great forgiveness and the generous excuse. O my Lord, You are the One who give Your riches for those who do not ask You, and for those who deny Your Divinity, thus O Master, what about those who ask You? And believed that the creations are for You and the matter is Yours, blessed You are and Exalted, O  God of the Worlds.

O Master, Your slave is at Your door step, his poverty made him stand between Your hands, and knocking on the door of Your charity with his prayer, so do not turn away Your Generous Face from me, and accept what I say, for I prayed with this prayer and I am hoping that You do not turn me away, for I know Your passion and mercy. O my Lord, You are the One not tired of beggars and not short of desirables, You are as You say and above what we say. O my Lord, I ask You for a beautiful patience and a close-by relief, and a true saying and a great reward. I ask You O my God from all of the goodness, what I have known of it and what I have not. O my Lord, I ask You for the goodness that Your faithful slaves had asked You for, O You Best to be asked and the most hospitable of those who gave, give me what I ask for in myself and my family and my parents, and my children and my close ones and my brothers in You, and enrich my living, and show my nobility, and fix all my situations, and make me one of those who You have lengthened his life and made his deeds better and completed Your favours over him, and blessed him and made him live a good life, in an eternal happiness and with full generosity and the best of living, for verily You do what You want and no one else does what he wants except of You.

O my Lord, make me one of a special mention for You, and do not let anything I do (of worshipping), during the night time and the ends of the day time, to be a show off nor to make a reputation nor arrogantly nor thanklessly, and make me of those who are humble before You. O my Lord, give me the abundance of favours, and the safety of home, and the enjoyment in the family and the money and the children, and being in Your favours, and the health in the body, and the strength in the body, and the safety of the religion, and use me for Your obedience and the obedience of Your prophet, Mohammed may Allah pray upon him and upon his Household, as long as You let me live, and make me one of Your slaves that have the abundant favours in every goodness that You had revealed and will reveal in the month of Ramadhan and the night of Qadr, and whatever You will reveal in every year of a mercy that You will spread, and a health that You will give off, and an adversity that You will banish, and rewards that You will grant, and sins that You will forgive, and bestow upon me the chance to do pilgrimage to Your Holy House, in this year of mine and in every year, and bestow upon me an abundant favour from Your wide grace, and banish away from me O Master the bad things, and justly with my debts and my unjust (deeds), so that I would not be hurt by any of it, and take away from me the hearing and the sighting of my enemies and those who envy me, and those who are aggressive toward me and make me victorious over them, and make enjoyment to my eyes and happiness to my heart, and make for me a relief and a salvation from my trouble and adversity, and make everyone that desires badness for me of all Your creations to be under my feet, and avoid me from the evil of the devil and the evil of the rulers, and my bad deeds, and purify me from all my sins, and spare me from the hell by Your forgiveness, and let me enter the paradise by Your mercy, and let me marry the nymphs (of paradise) by Your grace, and let me follow (the path of) Your loyal faithful people, Mohammed and his faithful Household, the kind and the purified and the good, may Your prayers be upon them and upon their bodies and their souls, and the mercy of Allah and His blessings.

O my Lord and Master, by Your Glory and Your Holiness, if You asked after my sins then I shall ask after Your forgiveness, and if You asked after my wickedness then I shall ask after Your generosity, and if You let me into hell then I shall tell the people of hell about my love for You. O my Lord and Master, if You do not forgive except for Your loyal people and those obeying You, then to whom shall go the sinners? And if You do not dignity except of those who are loyal to You, then from whom shall the wicked ask for help? O my Lord, if You let me into the hell then that will make Your enemy happy, and if You let me into paradise then that will make Your prophet happy, and I know, by Allah, that the happiness of Your prophet is more beloved to Yourself than the happiness of Your enemy.

O my Lord, I ask You to fill my heart with Your love and Your fear, and more believing in Your book and more faith in You, and more repentance for You and more eagerness for You, O One of Holiness and Generosity, make me love the day of meeting You, and love my meeting, and let comfort and relief and dignity be for me at the day when I meet You. O my Lord, let me follow the path of the faithful people who had gone, and let me be one of the faithful of those who remained (alive), and take me on the path of the faithful, and help me with myself by what You help the faithful with their selves, and let the end of my deeds be the best of them, and let my reward to be the paradise by Your mercy, and help me with the good things that You bestowed upon me, and make me firm O God, and do not let me back into a bad thing that You have saved me from O God of the worlds.

O my Lord, I ask You for a faith that has no limits before meeting You, and let me live with it as long You let me live, and let me die with it whenever You let me die, and resurrect me with it when You resurrect me, and heal my heart from showing off and doubts and the bad reputation in Your religion, so that all my deeds become sincerely for You (only). O my Lord, give me an insight into Your religion, and more understanding in Your judgement, and more knowledge from Your wisdom, and a double of Your mercy, and a faith that keeps me away from Your taboos, and enlighten my face with Your light, and let my wishes be for what You have, and let me day on Your path, and on the creed of Your messenger, may Allah prays upon him and upon his Household.

O my Lord, I take refuge unto You from laziness and failure, and sadness and cowardice and hoarding, and ignorance and harshness and misery, and poverty and necessity and every adversity, and the lewd things whether open or concealed, and I take refuge unto You from a soul that does not get satisfied, and an abdomen that does not get filled, and a heart that does not get humble, and a prayer that does not get heard, and a deed that is not useful. And I take refuge unto You O God, for my soul and my religion and my fortune and everything that You have gave me, away from the damned devil, verily You are the Hearer and the Knower.

O my Lord, no one protects me against You, and I do not find a place to hide from You, so do not make myself for something in Your torture, and do not turn me away to doom, and do not turn me away to a painful torture. O my Lord, accept from me and raise my mention, and raise my status and let down my sins, and do not mention me by my sin, and let the reward of my sitting and my speech and the reward of my prayer, You satisfaction and the paradise. O God, give me all what I have asked You, and increase for me from Your grace for I am seeking You O God of the worlds.

O my Lord, You have revealed in Your book that we should forgive those who had been unjust toward us, and we had been unjust to ourselves, thus forgive us, for You are verily better to do this than us, and You have ordered us that we should not banish a beggar from the steps of our doors, and I became begging to You, so do not turn me away unless You have answered my needs, and You have ordered us to be good to what our right hands possesses, and we are Your slaves so spare our necks from the hell.

O my destination in my trouble, and my help in my adversity, to You I run and ask for help and take refuge unto, and I do not take refuge unto someone else but You and I do not ask for relief except from You, thus help me and relieve me, O You who accepts the little and forgive the many, accept the little from me, and relieve me from the many things (I did), for You are verily the Merciful and the Forgiver.

O my Lord, I ask You for a faith that dwells in my heart, and a true belief, so that I would know that nothing will happen to me except of that which You have destined for me, and let me be satisfied with the livelihood that You have divided for me, O the most Merciful of those of Mercy.

and may Allah prays upon Mohammed and the Household of Mohammed.