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'As God liveth, in whose presence my soul standeth, our God promiseth his mercy to the sinner, saying: "In that hour that the sinner shall lament his sin, by myself, I will not remember his iniquities for ever."

'Now what should eat the meats of paradise, if the body go not thither? The soul? Surely not, seeing it is spirit.'

Peter answered: 'So then, the blessed shall eat in paradise; but how shall the meat be voided without uncleanness?'

Jesus answered: 'Now what blessedness shall the body have if it eat not nor drink? Assuredly it is fitting to give glory in proportion to the thing glorified. But thou errest, Peter, in thinking that such meat should be voided in uncleanness, because this body at the present time eateth corruptible meats, and thus it is that putrefaction cometh forth: but in paradise the body shall be incorruptible, impassible, and immortal, and free from every misery; and the meats, which are without any defect, shall not generate any putrefaction.