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'If Amos had said: "There is no good in the city but what God hath done it," as God liveth, in whose presence my soul standeth, he would have made a grievous error, for the world holdeth not for good ought save the iniquities and sins that are done in the way of vanity. Whereupon men would have wrought much more iniquitously, believing that there be not any sin or wickedness "which God hath not done," at hearing whereof the earth trembleth.' And when Jesus had said this, straightway there arose a great earthquake, in so much that every one fell as dead. Jesus raised them up, saying: 'Now see if I have told you the truth. Let this, then, suffice you, that Amos, when he said that "God hath done evil in the city," talking with the world, spake of tribulations, which sinners alone call evil.

'Let us come now to predestination, of which ye desire to know, and whereof I will speak to you near Jordan on the other side, to-morrow, if God will.'