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Then came all the disciples to Damascus, by the will of God. And on that day Judas the traitor, more than any other, made show of having suffered grief at Jesus' absence. Wherefore Jesus said: 'Let every one beware of him who without occasion laboureth to give thee tokens of love.'

And God took away our understanding, that we might not know to what end he said this.

After the coming of all the disciples, Jesus said: 'Let us return into Galilee, for thus hath the angel of God said unto me, that I needs must go thither.' Whereupon, one sabbath morning, Jesus came to Nazareth. When the citizens recognized Jesus, everyone disired to see him. Whereupon a publican, by name Zacchaeus, who was of small stature, not being able to see Jesus by reason of the great multitude, climbed to the top of a sycamore, and there waited for Jesus to pass that place when he went to the synagogue. Jesus then, having come to that place, lifted up his eyes and said: 'Come down, Zacchaeus, for to-day I will abide in thy house.'

The man came down and received him with gladness, making a splendid feast.

The Pharisees murmured, saying to Jesus' disciples: 'Wherefore is your master gone in to eat with publicans and sinners?'

Jesus answered: 'For what cause doth the physician [enter] into an house? Tell me, and I will tell you wherefore I am come in hither.' They answered: 'To heal the sick.'

'Ye say the truth,' said Jesus, 'for the whole have no need of medicine, only the sick.'