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When morning was come, early, all the men of the city, with the women and children, came to the house where Jesus was with his disciples, and besought him saying: 'Sir, have mercy upon us, because this year the worms have eaten the corn, and we shall not receive any bread this year in our land.'

Jesus answered: 'Oh what fear is yours! Know ye not that Elijah, the servant of God, whilst for three years the persecution of Ahab continued, saw not bread, nourishing himself only with herbs and wild fruits? David our father, the prophet of God, for two years ate wild fruits and herbs, being persecuted of Saul, insomuch that twice only did he eat bread.'

The men answered: 'Sir, they were prophets of God, nourished with spiritual delight, and therefore they endured well; but how shall these little ones fare?' and they showed him the multitude of their children. Then Jesus had compassion on their misery, and said: 'How long is it until harvest?' They answered: 'Twenty days.'

Then said Jesus: 'See that for these twenty days we give ourselves to fasting and prayer; for God will have mercy upon you. Verily I say unto you God hath caused this dearth because here began the madness of men and the sin of Israel when they said that I was God, or Son of God.'

When they had fasted for nineteen days, on the morning of the twentieth day, they beheld the fields, and hills covered with ripe corn. Thereupon they ran to Jesus, and recounted all to him. And when he had heard it Jesus gave thanks to God, and said: 'Go, brethren, gather the bread which God hath given you.' The men gathered so much corn that they knew not where to store it; and this thing was cause of plenty in Israel.

The citizens took council to set up Jesus as their king; knowing which he fled from them. Wherefore the disciples strove fifteen days to find him.