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'In this accursed spot shall abide the infidels for evermore: insomuch that if the world were filled with grains of millet, and a single bird once in a hundred years should take away a single grain to empty the world—if when it should be empty the infidels were to go into paradise, they would rest delighted. But there is not this hope, because their torment cannot have an end, seeing that they were not willing for the love of God to put an end to their sin.

'But the faithful shall have comfort, because their torment shall have an end.'

The disciples were affrighted, hearing this, and said: 'So then the faithful must go into hell?'

Jesus answered: 'Everyone, be he who he may, must go into hell. It is true, however, that the holy ones and prophets of God shall go there to behold, not suffering any punishment; and the righteous, only suffering fear. And what shall I say? I tell you that thither shall come [even] the messenger of God, to behold the justice of God. Thereupon hell shall tremble at his presence. And because he hath human flesh, all those that have human flesh and shall be under punishment, so long as the messenger of God shall abide to behold hell, so long shall they abide without punishment. But he shall abide there [only] so long as it taketh to shut and open the eyes.

'And this shall God do in order that every creature may know that he hath received benefit from the messenger of God.

'When he shall go there all the devils shall shriek, and seek to hide themselves beneath the burning embers, saying one to another: "Fly, fly, for here cometh Mohammed our enemy!" Hearing which, Satan shall smite himself upon the face with both his hands, and screaming shall say: "Thou art more noble than I, in my despite, and this is unjustly done!"

'As for the faithful, who are in seventy-two grades, those of the two last grades, who shall have had the faith without good works—the one being sad at good works, and the other delighting in evil—they shall abide in hell seventy thousand years.

'After those years shall the angel Gabriel come into hell, and shall hear them say: "O Mohammed, where are thy promises made to us, saying that those who have thy faith shall not abide in hell for evermore?"

'Then the angel of God shall return to paradise, and having approached with reverence the messenger of God shall narrate to him what he hath heard.

'Then shall his messenger speak to God and say: ''Lord, my God, remember the promise made to me thy servant, concerning them that have received my faith, that they shall not abide for evermore in hell."

'God shall answer: "Ask what thou wilt, O my friend, for I will give thee all that thou askest."