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Jesus said: 'There was a man who had two debtors. The one owed to his creditor fifty pence, the other five hundred. Whereupon, when neither of them had wherewithal to pay, the owner, moved with compassion, forgave the debt to each. Which of them would love his creditor most?'

Simon answered: 'He to whom was forgiven the greater debt.'

Said Jesus: 'Thou hast well said; I say unto thee, therefore, behold this woman and thyself; for ye were both debtors to God, the one for leprosy of the body, the other for leprosy of the soul, which is sin.

'God our Lord, moved with compassion through my prayers, hath willed to heal thy body and her soul. Thou, therefore, lovest me little, because thou hast received little as a gift. And so, when I entered thy house thou didst not kiss me nor anoint my head. But this woman, lo! straightway on entering thy house she placed herself at my feet, which she hath washed with her tears and anointed with precious ointment. Wherefore verily I say unto thee, many sins are forgiven her, because she hath loved much.' And turning to the woman he said: 'Go thy way in peace, for the Lord our God hath pardoned thy sins; but see thou sin no more. Thy faith hath saved thee.'