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'Accordingly, brethren, I, a man, dust and clay, that walk upon the earth, say unto you: Do penance and know your sins. I say, brethren, that Satan, by means of the Roman soldiery, deceived you when ye said that I was God. Wherefore, beware that ye believe them not, seeing they are fallen under the curse of God, serving the false and lying gods; even as our father David invoketh a curse upon them, saying: "The gods of the nations are silver and gold, the work of their hands; that have eyes and see not, have ears and hear not, have noses and smell not, have a mouth and eat not, have a tongue and speak not, have hands and touch not, have feet and walk not." Wherefore said David our father, praying our living God, "Like unto them be they that make them and they trust in them."

'O pride unheard-of, this pride of man, who being created by God out of earth forgetteth his condition and would fain make God at his own pleasure! Wherein he silently mocketh God, as though he should say: "There is no use in serving God." For so do their works show. To this did Satan desire to reduce you, O brethren, in making you believe me to be God; because, I not being able to create a fly, and being passable and mortal, I can give you nothing of use, seeing that I myself have need of everything. How, then, could I help you in all things, as it is proper to God to do?

'Shall we, then, who have for our God the great God who hath created the universe with his word, mock at the Gentiles and their gods?

'There were two men who came up here into the temple to pray: the one was a Pharisee and the other a publican. The Pharisee drew nigh to the sanctuary, and praying with his face uplifted said: "I give thee thanks, O Lord my God, because I am not as other men, sinners, who do every wickedness, and particularly as this publican; for I fast twice in the week and give tithes of all I possess."

'The publican remained afar off, bowed down to the earth, and beating his breast he said with bent head: "Lord, I am not worthy to look upon the heaven nor upon thy sanctuary, for I have sinned much; have mercy upon me!"

'Verily I say unto you, the publican went down from the temple in better case than the Pharisee, for that our God justified him, forgiving him all his sin. But the Pharisee went down in worse case than the publican, because our God rejected him, having his works in abomination.