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Jesus having called together his disciples, sent them forth by two and two through the region of Israel, saying: 'Go and preach even as ye have heard.'

Then they bowed themselves and he laid his hand upon their heads, saying: 'In the name of God, give health to the sick, cast out the demons, and undeceive Israel concerning me, telling them that which I said before the high priest.'

They departed therefore, all of them save him who writeth, with James and John; and they went through all Judaea, preaching penitence even as Jesus had told them, healing every sort of sickness, insomuch that in Israel were confirmed the words of Jesus that God is one and Jesus is prophet of God, when they saw such a multitude do that which Jesus did concerning the healing of the sick.

But the sons of the devil found another way to persecute Jesus, and these were the priests and the scribes. Whereupon they began to say that Jesus aspired to the monarchy over Israel. But they feared the common people, wherefore they plotted against Jesus secretly.

Having passed throughout Judaea the disciples returned to Jesus, who received them as a father receiveth his sons, saying: 'Tell me, how hath wrought the Lord our God? Surely I have seen Satan fall under your feet and ye trample upon him even as the vinedresser treadeth the grapes!'

The disciples answered: 'O Master, we have healed numberless sick persons, and cast out many demons which tormented men.'

Said Jesus: 'God forgive you, O brethren, because ye have sinned in saying "We have healed," seeing it is God that hath done all.'

Then said they: 'We have talked foolishly; wherefore, teach us how to speak.'

Jesus answered: 'In every good work say "God hath wrought" and in every bad one say "I have sinned."'

'So will we do,' said the disciples to him.

Then said Jesus: 'Now what saith Israel, having seen God do by the hands of so many men that which God hath done by my hands?'

The disciples answered: 'They say that there is one God alone and that thou art God's prophet.'

Jesus answered with joyful countenance: 'Blessed be the holy name of God, who hath not despised the desire of me his servant!' And when he had said this they retired to rest.