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'As God liveth, brethern, I fear lest God be angered against me. Therefore ye needs must go through Judaea and Israel, preaching to the twelve tribes of Israel the truth, that they may be undeceived.'

The disciples answered with fear, weeping: 'We will do whatsoever thou shalt bid us.'

Then said Jesus: 'Let us for three days make prayer and fast and from henceforth every evening when the first star shall appear, when prayer is made to God, let us make prayer three times, asking Him three times for mercy; because the sin of Israel is three times more grievous than other sins.'

'So be it.' answered the disciples.

When the third day was ended, on the morning of the fourth day, Jesus called together all the disciples and apostles and said to them: 'Suffice it that there abide with me Barnabas and John: do ye others go through all the region of Samaria and Judaea and Israel, preaching penitence: because the axe is laid nigh unto the tree to cut it down. And make prayer over the sick, because God hath given me authority over every sickness.'

Then said he who writeth: 'O Master, if thy disciples be asked of the manner in which they ought to show penitence, what shall they answer?'

Jesus answered: 'When a man loseth a purse doth he turn back only his eye, to see it? or his hand, to take it? or his tongue, to ask? No, assuredly, but he turneth back his whole body and employeth every power of his soul to find it. Is this true?'

Then answered he who writeth: 'It is most true.'