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And having said this, the multitude departed with the priest and the governor with Herod, having great disputations concerning Jesus and concerning his doctrine. Whereupon the priest prayed the governor to write unto Rome to the senate the whole matter; which thing the governor did; wherefore the senate had compassion on Israel, and decreed that on pain of death none should call Jesus the Nazarene, prophet of the Jews, either God or son of God. Which decree was posted up in the temple, engraved upon copper.

When the greater part of the crowd had departed, there remained about five thousand men, without women and children; who being wearied by the journey, having been two days without bread, for that through longing to see Jesus they had forgotten to bring any, whereupon they ate raw herbs—therefore they were not able to depart like the others.

Then Jesus, when he perceived this, had pity on them, and said to Philip: 'Where shall we find bread for them that they perish not of hunger?'

Philip answered: 'Lord, two hundred pieces of gold could not buy so much bread that each one should taste a little.' Then said Andrew: 'There is here a child which hath five loaves and two fishes, but what will it be among so many?'

Jesus answered: 'Make the multitude sit down.' And they sat down upon the grass by fifties and by forties. Thereupon said Jesus: 'In the name of God!' And he took the bread, and prayed to God and then brake the bread, which he gave to the disciples, and the disciples gave it to the multitude; and so did they with the fishes. Everyone ate and every one was satisfied. Then said Jesus: 'Gather up that which is over. So the disciples gathered fragments, and filled twelve baskets. Thereupon every one put his hand to his eyes, saying: 'Am I awake, or do I dream?' And they remained, every one, for the space of an hour, as it were beside themselves by reason of the great miracle.

Afterwards Jesus, when he had given thanks to God, dismissed them, but there were seventy-two men that willed not to leave him; wherefore Jesus, perceiving their faith, chose them for disciples.