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At this time there was a great disturbance throughout Judea for the sake of Jesus; for that the Roman soldiery, through the operation of Satan, stirred up the Hebrews, saying that Jesus was God come to visit them. Whereupon so great sedition arose, that nigh upon the Forty days all Judea was in arms, insomuch that the son was found against the father, and the brother against the brother, for that some said that Jesus was God come to the world; others said: 'Nay, but he is a son of God'; and others said: 'Nay for God hath no human similitude, and therefore begetteth not sons; but Jesus of Nazareth is a prophet of God.'

And this arose by reason of the great miracles which Jesus did.

Thereupon, to quiet the people, it was necessary that the high-priest should ride in procession, clothed in his priestly robes, with the holy name of God, the teta gramaton (sic), on his forehead. And in like manner rode the governor Pilate and Herod.

Whereupon, in Mizpeh assembled three armies, each one of two hundred thousand men that bare sword. Herod spake to them, but they were not quieted. Then spake the governor and the high-priest, saying: 'Brethren, this war is aroused by the work of Satan, for Jesus is alive, and to him ought we to resort, and ask him that he give testimony of himself, and then believe in him, according to his word.'

So at this they were quieted, every one; and having laid down their arms they all embraced one another, saying one to the other: 'Forgive me, brother!'

On that day, accordingly, every one laid this in his heart, to believe Jesus, according as he shall say. And by the governor and the high-priest were offered rewards to him who should come to announce where Jesus was to be found.