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Having made the prayer, Jesus said: 'Let us give thanks to God because he hath given to us this night great mercy; for that he hath made to come back the time that needs must pass in this night, in that we have made prayer in union with the messenger of God. And I have heard his voice.'

The disciples rejoiced greatly at hearing this, and said: 'Master, teach us some precepts this night.'

Then said Jesus: 'Have ye ever seen dung mixed with balsam?'

They answered: 'Nay, Lord, for no one is so mad as to do this thing.'

'Now I tell you that there be in the world greater madmen,' said Jesus, 'because with the service of God they mingle the service of the world. So much so that many of blameless life have been deceived of Satan, and while praying have mingled with their prayer worldly business, whereupon they have become at that time abominable in the sight of God. Tell me, when ye wash yourselves for prayer, do ye take care that no unclean thing touch you? Yea, assuredly. But what do ye when ye are making prayer? Ye wash your soul from sins through the mercy of God. Would ye be willing then, while ye are making prayer, to speak of worldly things? Take care not to do so, for every worldly word becometh dung of the devil upon the soul of him that speaketh.'

Then trembled the disciples, because he spake with vehemence of spirit; and they said: 'O master, what shall we do if when we are making prayer a friend shall come to speak to us?'

Jesus answered: 'Suffer him to wait, and finish the prayer.'

Said Bartholomew: 'But what if he shall be offended and go his way, when he see that we speak not with him?'

Jesus answered: 'If he shall be offended, believe me he will not be a friend of yours nor a believer, but rather an unbeliever and a companion of Satan. Tell me, if ye went to speak with a stable boy of Herod, and found his speaking into Herod's ears, would ye be offended if he made you to wait?' No, assuredly; but ye would be comforted at seeing your friend in favour with the king. Is this true?' said Jesus.

The disciples answered: 'It is most true.'

Then said Jesus: 'Verily I say unto you, that every one when he prayeth speaketh with God. Is it then right that ye should leave speaking with God in order to speak with man? Is it right that your friend should for this cause be offended, because ye have more reverence for God than for him? Believe me that if he shall be offended when ye make him wait, he is a good servant of the devil. For this desireth the devil, that God should be forsaken for man. As God liveth, in every good work he that feareth God ought to separate himself from the works of the world, so as not to corrupt the good work.'