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'Tell me, would it have been a great sin of the priests if when they were carrying the ark of the testimony of God they had let it fall to the ground?'

The disciples trembled hearing this, for they knew that God slew Uzzah for having wrongly touched the ark of God. And they said: 'Most grievous would be such a sin.'

Then said Jesus: 'As God liveth, it is a greater sin to forget the word of God, wherewith he made all things, whereby he offereth thee eternal life.'

And having said this Jesus made prayer; and after his prayer he said: 'Tomorrow we needs must pass into Samaria, for so hath said unto me the holy angel of God.'

Early on the morning of a certain day, Jesus arrived near to the well which Jacob made and gave to Joseph his son. Whereupon Jesus, being wearied with the journey, sent his disciples to the city to buy food. And so he sat himself down by the well, upon the stone of the well. And, lo, a woman of Samaria cometh to the well to draw water.

Jesus saith unto the woman, 'Give me to drink,' The woman answered: 'Now, art thou not ashamed that thou, being an Hebrew, askest drink of me which am a Samaritan woman?'

Jesus answered: 'O woman, if thou knewest who he is that asketh thee for a drink, perchance thou wouldest have asked of him for drink.'

The woman answered: 'Now how shouldest thou give me to drink, seeing thou hast no vessel to draw the water, nor rope, and the well is deep?'

Jesus answered: 'O woman, whoso drinketh of the water of this well, thirst cometh to him again, but whosoever drinketh of the water that I give hath thirst no more; but to them that have thirst give they to drink, insomuch that they come to eternal life.'

Then said the woman: 'O Lord, give me of this thy water.' Jesus answered: 'Go call thy husband, and to both of you I will give to drink.'

Said the woman: 'I have no husband.'

Jesus answered: 'Well hast thou said the truth, for thou hast had five husbands, and he whom thou now hast is not thy husband.

The woman was confounded hearing this, and said: 'Lord, hereby perceive I that thou art a prophet; therefore tell me, I pray: the Hebrews make prayer on mount Sion in the temple built by Solomon in Jerusalem, and say that there and nowhere else [men] find grace and mercy of God. And our people worship on these mountains, and say that only on the mountains of Samaria ought worship to be made. Who are the true worshipers?'