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Jesus having arrived in his own country, it was spread through all the region of Galilee how that Jesus the prophet was come to Nazareth. Whereupon with diligence sought they the sick and brought them to him, beseeching him that he would touch them with his hands. And so great was the multitude that a certain rich man sick of the palsy, not being able to get himself carried through the door, had himself carried up to the roof of the house in which Jesus was, and having caused the roof to be uncovered, and himself let down by sheets in front of Jesus. Jesus stood for a moment in hesitation, and then he said: 'Fear not, brother, for thy sins are forgiven thee.'

Everyone was offended hearing this, and they said: 'And who is this who forgiveth sins?'

Then said Jesus: 'As God liveth, I am not able to forgive sins, nor is any man, but God alone forgiveth. But as servant of God I can beseech him for the sins of others: and so I have besought him for this sick man, and I am sure that God hath heard my prayer. Wherefore, that ye may know the truth, I say to this sick man: "In the name of the God of our fathers, the God of Abraham and his sons, rise up healed!"' And when Jesus had said this the sick man rose up healed, and glorified God.

Then the common people besought Jesus that he would beseech God for the sick who stood outside. Whereupon Jesus went out unto them, and, having lifted up his hands, said: 'Lord God of hosts, the living God, the true God, the holy God, that never will die; have mercy upon them!' Whereupon every one answered: 'Amen.' And this having been said, Jesus laid his hands upon the sick folk, and they all received their health.

Thereupon they magnified God, saying: 'God hath visited us by his prophet, and a great prophet hath God sent unto us.'