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'As God liveth, in whose presence I stand, ye will not receive adulation from me, but truth. Wherefore I say unto you, repent and turn to God even as our fathers did after sinning, and harden not your heart.'

The priests were consumed with rage at this speech, but for fear of the common people they spake not a word.

And Jesus continued, saying: 'O doctors, O scribes, O pharisees, O priests, tell me. Ye desire horses like knights, but ye desire not to go forth to war; ye desire fair clothing like women, but ye desire not to spin and nurture children; ye desire the fruits of the field, and ye desire not to cultivate the earth; ye desire the fishes of the sea, but ye desire not to go a fishing; ye desire honour as citizens, but ye desire not the burden of the republic; and ye desire tithes and first fruits as priests, but ye desire not to serve God in truth. What then shall God do with you, seeing ye desire here every good without any evil? Verily I say to you that God will give you a place where ye will have every evil without any good.'

And when Jesus had said this, there was brought unto him a demoniac who could not speak nor see, and was deprived of hearing. Whereupon Jesus, seeing their faith, raised his eyes to heaven and said: 'Lord God of our fathers, have mercy on this sick man and give him health, in order that this people may know that thou hast sent me.'

And having said this Jesus commanded the spirit to depart, saying: 'In the power of the name of God our Lord, depart, evil one, from the man!'

The spirit departed and the dumb man spoke, and saw with his eyes. Whereupon every one was filled with fear, but the scribes said: 'In the power of Beelzebub, prince of the demons, he casteth out the demons'

Then said Jesus: 'Every kingdom divided against itself destroyeth itself, and house falleth upon house. If in the power of Satan, Satan be cast out, how shall his kingdom stand? And if your sons cast out Satan with the scripture that Solomon the prophet gave them, they testify that I cast out Satan in the power of God. As God liveth, blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is without remission in this and in the other world; because the wicked man of his own will reprobates himself, knowing the reprobation.'

And having said this Jesus went out of the temple. And the common people magnified him, for they brought all the sick folk whom they could gather together, and Jesus having made prayer gave to all their health: whereupon on that day in Jerusalem the Roman soldiery, by the working of Satan, began to stir up the common people, saying that Jesus was the God of Israel, who was come to visit his people.