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The Passover drew near, wherefore Jesus, with his disciples, went up to Jerusalem. And he went to the pool call 'Probatica.' And the bath was so called because the angel of God every day troubled the water, and whosoever first entered the water after its movement was cured of every kind of infirmity. Wherefore a great number of sick persons remained beside the pool, which had five porticoes. And Jesus saw there an impotent man, who had been there thirty-and-eight years, sick with a grievous infirmity. Whereupon Jesus, knowing this by divine inspiration, had compassion on the sick man, and said to him: 'Wilt thou be made whole?'

The impotent man answered: 'Sir, I have no man when the angel troubleth the water to put me into it, but while I am coming another steppeth down before me and entereth therein.'

Then Jesus lifted up his eyes to heaven and said: 'Lord our God, God of our fathers, have mercy upon this impotent man.'

And having said this, Jesus said: 'In God's name, brother, be thou whole; rise and take up thy bed.'

Then the impotent man arose, praising God, and carried his bed upon his shoulders, and went to his house praising God.'

Those who saw him cried: 'It is the sabbath day; it is not lawful for thee to carry thy bed.'

He answered: 'He that made whole said unto me, "Pick up thy bed, and go thy way to thy home."

Then asked they him: 'Who is he?'

He answered: 'I know not his name.'

Whereupon, among themselves they said: 'It must have been Jesus the Nazarene.' Others said: 'Nay, for he is a holy one of God, whereas he who has done this thing is a wicked man, for he causeth the sabbath to be broken.'

And Jesus went into the temple, and a great multitude drew nigh unto him to hear his words; whereat the priests were consumed with envy.