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The scribe that day read the psalm of David, where saith David: 'When I shall find a time, I will judge uprightly.' Then, after the reading of the prophets, arose Jesus, and made sign of silence with his hands, and opening his mouth he spake thus: 'Brethren, ye have heard the words spoken by David the prophet, our father, that when he should have found a time he would judge uprightly. I tell you in truth that many judge, in which judgment they fall for no other reason than because they judge that which is not meet for them, and that which is meet for them they judge before the time. Wherefore the God of our fathers crieth to us by his prophet David, saying: 'Justly judge, O sons of men'. Miserable therefore are those who set themselves at street corners, and do nothing but judge all those who pass by, saying: "That one is fair, this one is ugly, that one is good, this one is bad." Woe unto them, because they lift the scepter of his judgment from the mind of God, who saith: "I am witness and judge, and my honour I will give to none." Verily I tell you that these testify of that which they have not seen nor really heard, and judge without having been constituted judges. Therefore are they abominable on the earth before the eyes of God, who will pass tremendous judgment upon them in the last day. Woe to you, woe to you who speak good of the evil, and call the evil good, for ye condemn as a malefactor God, who is the author of good, and justify as good Satan, who is the origin of all evil. Consider what punishment ye shall have, and that it is horrible to fall into the judgment of God, which shall be then upon those who justify the wicked for money, and judge not the cause of the orphans and widows. Verily I say unto you, that the devils shall tremble at the judgment of such, so terrible shall it be. Thou man who art set as a judge, regard no other thing; neither kinsfolk nor friends, neither honour nor gain, but look solely with fear of God to the truth, which thou shalt seek with greatest diligence, because it will secure thee in the judgment of God. But I warn thee that without mercy shall he be judged who judgeth without mercy.'