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Jesus went down, in the second year of his prophetic ministry, from Jerusalem, and went to Nain. Whereupon, as he drew nigh to the gate of the city, the citizens were bearing to the sepulchre the only son of his mother, a widow, over whom every one was weeping. Whereupon, when Jesus had arrived, the men understood how that Jesus, a prophet of Galilee, was come: and so they set themselves to beseech him for the dead man, that he being a prophet should raise him up; which also his disciples did. Then Jesus feared greatly, and turning himself to God, said: 'Take me from the world, O Lord, for the world is mad, and they wellnigh call me God!' And having said this, he wept.

Then came the angel Gabriel, and said: 'O Jesus, fear not, for God hath given thee power over every infirmity, insomuch that all that thou shalt grant in the name of God shall be entirely accomplished.' Hereupon Jesus gave a sigh, saying: 'Thy will be done, Lord God almighty and merciful. ' And having said this, he drew near to the mother of the dead, and with pity said to her: 'Woman, weep not,' And having taken the hand of the dead, he said: 'I say unto thee, young man, in the name of God arise up healed!'

Then the boy revived, whereupon all were filled with fear, saying: 'God hath raised up a great prophet amongst us, and he hath visited his people.'