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Then said Philip: 'Great is the mercy of God upon whoso loveth him. Tell us, O master, how Abraham came to the knowledge of God.'

Jesus answered: 'Having arrived nigh unto the house of his father, Abraham feared to go into the house; so he removed some distance from the house and sat under a palm tree, where thus abiding by himself he said: "It needs must be that there is a God who hath life and power more than man, since he maketh man, and man without God could not make man." Thereupon, looking round upon the stars, the moon, and the sun, he thought that they had been God. But after considering their variableness with their movements, he said: "It needs must be that God move not, and that clouds hide him not: otherwise men would be brought to naught." Whereupon, remaining thus in suspense, he heard himself called by name, "Abraham!" And so, turning round and not seeing anyone on any side, he said: "I have surely heard myself called by name, 'Abraham.'" Thereupon, two other times in like manner, he heard himself called by name, "Abraham!"

'He answered: "Who calleth me!"

'Then he heard it said: "I am the angel of God, Gabriel."

'Therefore was Abraham filled with fear; but the angel comforted him, saying: "Fear not, Abraham, for that thou art friend of God; wherefore, when thou didst break in pieces the gods of men, thou wert chosen of the God of the angels and prophets; insomuch that thou art written in the book of life."

'Then said Abraham: "What ought I to do, to serve the God of the angels and holy prophets?"

'The angel answered: "Go to that fount and wash thee, for God willeth to speak with thee."

'Abraham answered: "Now, how ought I to wash me?"

'Then the angel presented himself unto him as a beautiful youth, and washed himself in the fount, saying: "Do thou in turn likewise to thyself, O Abraham." When Abraham had washed himself, the angel said: "Go up that mountain, for God willeth to speak to thee there."

'He ascended the mountain as the angel said to Abraham, and having sat down upon his knees he said to himself: "When will the God of the angels speak to me?"

'He heard himself called with a gentle voice: "Abraham!"

'Abraham answered Him: "Who calleth me?"

'The voice answered: "I am thy God, O Abraham."

'Abraham, filled with fear, bent his face to earth, saying: "How shall thy servant hearken unto thee, who is dust and ashes!"

'Then said God: "Fear not, but rise up, for I have chosen thee for my servant, and I will to bless thee and make thee increase into a great people. Therefore go thou forth from the house of thy father and of thy kindred, and come to dwell in the land which I will give to thee and to thy seed."

'Abraham answered: "All will I do, Lord; but guard me that none other god may do me hurt."

'Then spake God, saying: "I am God alone, and there is none other God but me. I strike down, and make whole; I slay, and give life; I lead down to hell, and I bring out thereof, and none is able to deliver himself out of my hands." Then God gave him the covenant of circumcision; and so our father Abraham knew God.'

And having said this, Jesus lifted up his hands, saying 'To thee be honour and glory, O God. So be it!'