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Miscellaneous Short Islamic Texts

These files are articles and translations of short texts related to Islam taken from various public domain sources, primarily scholarly journals. For journal title abbreviations, see the Journals page, where all the articles (including non-Islamic) are organized according to their sources.

Last updated November 12, 2002.

Legends and Folklore:

Book of the King's Son and the Ascetic (an Islamic version of the life of the Buddha), trans. Edward Rehatsek (JRAS NS XXII, pp. 119-155) [1890]
Indonesian Legend of Nabi Isa, [Paul Carus] (OC vol. XXII, 8, pp. 499-502) [1908]


On Attraction and Repulsion, translations from the Persian, Rumi, trans. Edward Rehatsek (IA, vol. II) [1873]
Selections from Rumi (I), trans. Edward Rehatsek (IA, vol. III) [1874]
Selections from Rumi (II), trans. Edward Rehatsek (IA, vol. IV) [1875]
Biography of Jellâl al-Dîn Rûmi, Edward Rehatsek (IA, vol. IV, pp. 293-298) [1875]
"God Has No Opposite" ("A sermonette from the Persian"), by Lawrence H. Mills (OC, vol. XXII, 10, pp. 577-580) [1908]

Other Sufi Material:

A Song of Hafiz, trans. not stated (IA, vol. IV, p. 156) [1875]

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