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L (in the notes) refers to the commentary of 'Abdu'l-Latîf.

* (in the notes) refers to the commentary of 'Alâu'd-Dîn.

Gibb = A History of Ottoman Poetry, vol. I, by E. J. W. Gibb. London. Luzac & Co., 1900.

Sale = Sale's Translation of the Qur'ân, with notes (several editions; a cheap one is published by Warne & Co.).

Stein. =Steingass's Persian-English Dictionary.

B.Q. =The Burhân-i Qâti` (a Persian Dictionary, in Persian).

The scheme of transliteration adopted is that at present sanctioned by the Asiatic Society of Bengal.

The references in the notes to other passages of the work are given according to the page and line of the Persian text (indicated also in the margin of the translation).

Quotations from the Arabic ore indicated by printing in italics.

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