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Hadith 2:703

Narrated Nafi':

'Abdullah bin 'Abdullah bin 'Umar and his riding animal entered the house of Ibn 'Umar. He (the son of Ibn 'Umar) said, "I fear that this year a battle might take place between the people and you might be prevented from going to the Ka'ba. I suggest that you should stay here." Ibn Umar said, "Once Allah's Apostle set out for the pilgrimage, and the pagans of Quraish intervened between him and the Ka'ba. So, if the people intervened between me and the Ka'ba, I would do the same as Allah's Apostle had done . . . "Verily, in Allah's Apostle you have a good example." Then he added, "I make you a witness that I have intended to perform Hajj along with 'Umra." After arriving at Mecca, Ibn 'Umar performed one Tawaf only (between Safa and Marwa).

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