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Filial Duty

When your father and mother become old, and you take them into your house, say not a word of impatience to them, nor rebuke them, but speak graciously, and be humble to them, and say: "O my God, be merciful to them, even as they tended me when I was young " (Koran).

Be dutiful to your father, and your son shall be dutiful to you.

p. 55

He who is ill-mannered to his father will be ill-treated by his son.

The good-will of parents procures the goodwill of God.

The central gate of heaven is open to the man who has been dutiful to his parents.

Paradise is open at the command of mothers.

You, and all that you have, belong to your father.

A daughter is always proud of her father.

An unmarried daughter has a broken wing.

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