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p. 304


ENVELOPED by the Lord must be This All—each thing that
moves on earth.
With that renounced enjoy thyself. Covet no wealth of
any man.
2 One, only doing Karma here, should wish to live a hundred
No way is there for thee but this. So Karma cleaveth not
to man.
3 Aye, to the Asuras belong those worlds enwrapt in blinding
To them, when life on earth is done, depart the men who
kill the Self.

p. 305

4 Motionless, one, swifter than Mind—the Devas failed to
o’ertake it speeding on before them.
It, standing still, outstrips the others running. Herein Both
Mâtarisvan stablish Action.
5 It moveth; it is motionless. It is far distant; it is near.
It is within This All; and it surrounds This All externally.
6 The man who in his Self beholds all creatures and all things
that be,
And in all beings sees his Self, thence doubts no longer,
ponders not.
7 When, in the man who clearly knows, Self hath become all
things that are,

p. 306

What wilderment, what grief is there in him who sees the
One alone?
8 He hath attained unto the Bright, Bodiless, Woundless,
Sinewless, the Pure which evil hath not pierced.
Far-sighted, wise, encompassing, he self-existent hath
prescribed aims, as propriety demands, unto the
everlasting Years.
9 Deep into shade of blinding gloom fall Asambhûti's
They sink to darkness deeper yet who on Sambhûti are
10 One fruit, they say, from Sambhava, another from Asambhava.
Thus from the sages have we heard who have declared this
lore to us.
11 The man who knows Sambhûti and Vinâsa simultaneously,
He, by Vinâsa passing death, gains by Sambhûti endless life.

p. 307

12 To blinding darkness go the men who make a cult of
The devotees of Science enter darkness that is darker still.
13 Different is the fruit, they say, of Science and of Nescience.
Thus from the sages have we heard who have declared this
lore to us.
14 The man who knoweth well these two, Science and Nescience,
O’ercoming death by Nescience by Science gaineth endless
15 My breath reach everlasting Air! In ashes let my body end.
OM! Mind, remember thou; remember thou my sphere;
remember thou my deeds.

p. 308

16 By goodly path lead us to riches, Agni, thou God who
knowest all our works and wisdom.
Remove the sin that makes us stray and wander: most
ample adoration will we bring thee.
17 The Real's face is hidden by a vessel formed of golden light.
The Spirit yonder in the Sun, the Spirit dwelling there am I.
OM! Heaven! Brahma!

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