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p. 297


BY impulse of God Savitar I take thee with arms of Asvins,
with the Hands of Pûshan.
A zone for Aditi art thou.
2 Idâ, come hither. Aditi, come hither. Sarasvatî, come
Come hither, So-and-So. Come hither, So-and-So. Come
hither, So-and-So.
3 Thou art a zone for Aditi, a diadem for Indrânî. Pûshan art
thou. Spare some for the Gharma.
4 Overflow for the Asvins. Overflow for Sarasvatî. Overflow
for Indra
All-hail, what belongs to Indra! All-hail, what belongs to
Indra! All-hail, what belongs to Indra!
5 That breast of thine, exhaustless, fount of pleasure, wealth-giver,
treasure-finder, free-bestower,
Wherewith thou rearest all things that are choicest,—bring
that, Sarasvatî, that we may drain it.
Throughout the spacious middle air I travel.
6 Thou art Gâyatra metre. Thou art Trishtup metre. With
Heaven and Earth I grasp thee. With the Firmament I
raise thee up.
Indra and Asvins, drink ye the hot draught of sweet honey:
sacrifice, ye Vasus. Vât! All-hail to the rain-winning
beam of the Sun!

p. 298

7 Thee with Svâhâ to Vâta the sea. Thee with Svâhâ to Vâta
the flood.
Thee with Svâhâ to Vâta the unconquerable. Thee with
Svâhâ to Vâta the irresistible.
Thee with Svâhâ to Vâta the protection-seeker. Thee with
Svâhâ to Vâta the non-destructive.
8 Thee with Svâhâ to Indra Lord of Vasus. Thee with Svâhâ
to Indra Lord of Rudras.
Thee with Svâhâ to Indra killer of foes. Thee with Svâhâ
to Savitar attended by Ribhu, Vibhu, and Vâja. Thee
with Svâhâ to Brihaspati beloved of all the Gods.
9 Svâhâ to Yama attended by the Angirases, attended by the
Svâhâ to the Gharma! The Gharma for the Father!
10 Here hath he worshipped, seated south, all the sky-regions,
all the Gods.
Drink, Asvins, of the heated draught, the Svâhâ-consecrated
11 In heaven lay thou this sacrifice; lay thou this sacrifice in
To sacrificial Agni hail! May bliss be ours from Yajus texts.
12 Drink, Asvins, with your daily helps, the Gharma, strengthener
of hearts.
To him who draweth out the thread be homage, and to
Heaven and Earth.
13 The Gharma have the Asvins drunk: with Heaven and
Earth have they agreed.
Here, verily, be their boons bestowed.
14 Overflow for food. Overflow for energy. Overflow for the
Priesthood. Overflow for the Nobility. Overflow for
Heaven and Earth. Thou, O duteous one, art Duty.
Innocent one, in us establish manly powers; establish the

p. 299

15 All-hail to Pûshan, to the milk's skin! All-hail to the
All-hail to their echoes! All-hail to the Fathers who are
above the grass, who drink the Gharma! All-hail to
Heaven and Earth! All-hail to the All-Gods!
16 All-hail to Rudra invoked by worshippers! All-hail! Let
light combine with light.
May Day together with his sheen, fair-lighted with his light,
accept. All hail!
May Night together with her sheen, fair-lighted with her
light, accept. All-hail!
May we enjoy the mead offered in most Indra-like Agni.
Homage to thee, divine Gharma! Do not thou injure me.
17 Thy far-spread majesty, instinct with wisdom, hath
surpassed this heaven,
And, with its glorious fame, the earth.
Seat thee, for thou art mighty: shine, best entertainer of
the Gods.
Worthy of sacred food, praised Agni! loose the smoke ruddy
and beautiful to see.
18 Gharma, that heavenly light of thine in Gâyatrî, in the
May it increase and be confirmed for thee, that light.
Gharma, that light of thine in air, in Trishtup, in the sacred
May it increase and be confirmed for thee, that light.
Gharma, that light of thine on earth, in Jagatî, of the priest's
May that increase and be confirmed for thee, that light.
19 Thee for the sure protection of the Nobles. Guard thou
from injury the Brahman's body.
We follow thee in interest of the People, for the renewal of
our peace and comfort.

p. 300

20 Square, far-spread is the sacrifice's navel: it spreads for us
wide, full of all existence, spreads wide for us full of
complete existence.
We turn against the hate and guiles of him who keeps an
alien law.
21 This, Gharma! is thy liquid store. Swell out and wax in
strength thereby.
May we too grow in strength and wax to greatness.
22 Loudly the tawny Stallion neighed, mighty, like Mitra fair to see.
Together with the Sun the sea, the store shone out with
flashing light.
23 To us let Waters and let Plants be friendly; to him who
hates us, whom we hate, unfriendly.
24 Looking upon the loftier light above the darkness we have come
To Sûrya, God among the Gods, the light that is most excellent.
25 A brand art thou, fain would we thrive, Fuel art thou, and
splendour: Give me splendour,
26 Far as the heaven and earth are spread in compass, far as
the Seven Rivers are extended,
So vast thy cup which I with strength am taking, Indra,
unharmed in me, uninjured ever.
27 In me be that great hero power, in me be strength and
mental force:
The Gharma shines with triple light, with lustre fulgent
far away, with holy lore, with brilliancy.
28 Brought hither is the seed of milk. Through each succeeding
year may we enjoy the bliss of draining it.
Invited, I enjoy a share of that which hath been offered me,
the savoury draught by Indra drunk and tasted by Prajâpati.

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