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p. 260


PURUSHA hath a thousand heads, a thousand eyes, a
thousand feet.
Pervading earth on every side he fills a space ten fingers
2 Purusha is in truth this All, what hath been and what yet
shall be;
Lord, too, of immortality which waxes greater still by food.
3 So mighty in his grandeur; yea, greater than this is Purusha.
All creatures are one fourth of him, three fourths eternal
life in heaven.

p. 261

4 With three fourths Purusha rose up: one fourth of him
again was here.
Thence he moved forth to every side over what eats not
and what eats.
5 From him Virâj was born; again Purusha from Virâj was
When born, he spread to west and east beyond the boundaries
of earth.
6 From that great General Sacrifice the dripping fat was
gathered up.
He formed the creatures of the air and animals both wild
and tame.
7 From that great General Sacrifice Richas and Sâma hymns
were born:
Therefrom were spells and charms produced; the Yajus
had its birth from it.
8 From it were horses born, from it all cattle with two rows
of teeth
From it were generated kine, from it were goats and sheep
9 They balmed as victim on the grass Purusha born in earliest
With him the Deities and all Sâdhyas and Rishis sacrificed.
10 When they divided Purusha how many portions did they

p. 262

What was his mouth? what were his arms? what are the
names of thighs and feet?
11 The Brâhman was his mouth, of both his arms was the
Râjanya made.
His thighs became the Vaisya, from his feet the Sûdra was
12 The Moon was gendered from his mind, and from his eye
the Sun had birth;
Vâyu and Prâna from his ear, and from his mouth was Agni
13 Forth from his navel came mid-air; the sky was fashioned
from his head;
Earth from his feet, and from his ear the Quarters. Thus
they formed the worlds.
14 When Gods performed the sacrifice with Purusha as offering
Spring was the butter, Autumn the oblation, Summer was
the wood.
15 Then seven were his enclosing-sticks, his kindling-brands
were three times seven,
When Gods, performing sacrifice, bound as their victim
16 Gods, sacrificing, sacrificed the victim: these were the earliest
holy ordinances.
The Mighty Ones attained the height of heaven, there where
the Sâdhyas, Gods of old, are dwelling.

p. 263

17 In the beginning he was formed, collected from waters, earth,
and Visvakarman's essence.
Fixing the form thereof Tvashtar proceedeth. This was at
first the mortal's birth and godhead.
18 I know this mighty Purusha whose colour is like the Sun,
beyond the reach of darkness.
He only who knows him leaves Death behind him. There is
no path save this alone to travel.
19 In the womb moves Prajâpati: he, never becoming born, is
born in sundry figures.
The wise discern the womb from which he springeth. In
him alone stand all existing creatures.
20 He who gives light and heat to Gods, first, foremost Agent
of the Gods,
Born ere the Gods—to him the bright, the holy One, be
21 Thus spake the Gods at first, as they begat the bright and
holy One:
The Brahman who may know thee thus shall have the Gods
in his control.
22 Beauty and Fortune are thy wives: each side of thee are
Day and Night.
The constellations are thy form: the Asvins are thine open
Wishing, wish yonder world for me, wish that the Universe
be mine.

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