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p. 235


HALF-YEARS and Seasons strengthen thee, O Agni, the Years
and all the Verities and Rishis!
Flash forth with thy celestial effulgence: illumine all four
regions of the heaven.
2 Kindle thee, Agni, rake this man to knowledge: rise up
erect for great and happy fortune.
Agni, be those uninjured who adore thee, thy priests be
glorious and none beside them!
3 The Brahmans present here elect thee, Agni: be thou
propitious in our sanctuary.
Slayer of rivals, Agni, quell our foemen: watch in thy house
with care that never ceases.
4 Even here do thou, O Agni, stablish wealth: let not oppressors
injure thee by thinking of thee first.
Light be thy task of ruling, Agni, with thy power: may he
who worships thee wax strong, invincible.
5 Kind to the people, grasp thy power, O Agni: contend thou
with the Friend by way of friendship.
Placed, Agni, in the centre of our kinsmen, flash forth to be
invoked by Kings around thee.
6 Past those who slay, past enemies, past thoughtless men,
past those who hate,—
Yes, Agni, drive away all woe and trouble: vouchsafe us
opulence with men about us.
7 Holder of sway, shine here refulgent, Agni! invincible,
unconquered Jâtavedas.
Light all the regions, chasing human terrors: with happy
helps guard us to-day for increase.

p. 236

8 Brihaspati, Savitar, give this man knowledge: sharpen him
thoroughly though already sharpened.
To great and high felicity exalt him: in him let all the Gods
rejoice and triumph.
9 As thou, Brihaspati, from curse hast freed us, from dwelling
yonder in the realm of Yama,
The Asvins, Leeches of the Gods, O Agni, have chased Death
far from us with mighty powers.
10 Looking upon the loftier light, etc., as in XX. 21.
11 Uplifted are the brands that are his fuel: lofty and brilliant
are the flames of Agni,
Splendidly bright of the Son fair of aspect.
13 Tanûnapât the Asura, all-possessing, God among Gods, the
God with mead and butter shall bedew the paths.
13 With mead to sacrifice thou comest, Agni, earnest as friendly-
minded Narâsamsa, and Savitar righteous God who brings
all blessings.
14 He cometh hitherward with power and fatness, the luminous,
implored with adoration.
While rites proceed the ladles move to Agni.
15 Let him pay worship to this Agni's greatness, daintily fed:
he verily gives enjoyments:
The wisest Vasu he, and best wealth giver.
16 Widely expansive, ruling by foundation, the Doors divine—
and, after, all—
Preserve this Agni's holy works.
17 May Dawn and Night protect—his heavenly Consorts—in
a his home this our sacrificial worship.
18 Ye two celestial Hotars, greet with praises this lofty rite of
ours, the tongue of Agni.
Cause that our sacrifice be well conducted.

p. 237

19 Upon this grass three Goddesses be seated, Idâ, Sarasvatî,
Bhâratî the Mighty glorified with song.
20 This our productive wondrous flow may Tvashtar pour down
on this man's kin, and wealth and heroes.
21 Vanaspatî, presenting of thyself, send God-ward! Let Agni,
Immolator, season our oblation.
22 Pay sacrifice to Indra, Jâtavedas Agni! with Hail! All Gods
accept the gift we offer!
23 Wise, bright, arranger of his teams, he seeketh men with
rich food whose treasures are abundant.
They have stood firm of one accord with Vâyu: yea, the
men wrought all noble operations.
24 The God whom both these worlds brought forth for riches,
whom heavenly Dhishanâ for our wealth appointeth—
His team of harnessed horses waits on Vâyu and, foremost,
on the radiant treasure-holder.
26 What time the mighty waters came containing the universal
germ, producing Agni,
Thence sprang the Gods’ one spirit into being. What God
shall we adore with our oblation?
26 Who in his might surveyed the floods enclosing productive
force and generating Worship,
He who is God mid Gods, and none beside him—What God
shall we adore with our oblation?
27 The teams wherewith thou seekest him who offers, within
his house, O Vâyu, to direct him,
Therewith send wealth to us with full enjoyment, a hero son
and gifts of kine and horses.
28 With thy yoked teams in hundreds and in thousands come
to our sacrifice and solemn worship.
O Vâyu, make thee glad at this libation. Preserve us evermore,
ye Gods, with blessings.

p. 238

29 Drawn by thy team, O Vâyu, come: to thee is offered this,
the pure.
Thou visitest the presser's house.
30 Vâyu, the bright is offered thee, best of the meath at holy
Come thou to drink the Soma juice, God longed-for, on thy
team-drawn car.
31 Lover of worship, leader, come Vâyu with thought, to sacrifice,
Propitious with propitious teams!
32 With all the thousand chariots that are thine, O Vâyu, come
to us,
Team-drawn, to drink the Soma juice.
33 Come thou with one, and ten, O Self-Existent! with two
unto the sacrifice, and twenty.
Three are the teams and thirty which convey thee. O Vâyu,
in this place unyoke thy coursers.
34 Wonderful Vâyu, Lord of Truth, thou who art Tvashtar's
Son in-law,
Thy saving succour we elect.
35 Like kine unmilked we call aloud, Hero, to thee and sing
thy praise,
Looker on heavenly light, Lord of this moving world, Lord,
Indra! of what moveth not.
36 None other like to thee, of earth or of the heavens, hath
been or ever will be born.
Desiring horses, Indra, Bounteous Lord! and kine, as men
of might we call on thee.
37 That we may win us wealth and power, we poets call on
only thee.
In war men call on thee, Indra! the hero's Lord, in the
steed's race-course call on thee.
38 As such, O Wonderful, whose hand holds thunder, praised
as mighty, Caster of the Stone!

p. 239

Pour on us boldly, Indra, kine and chariot-steeds ever to be
the conqueror's strength.
39 What succour will he bring to us, wonderful, ever-prospering
With what most mighty company?
40 What, genuine and most liberal draught will spirit thee with
juice to burst
Open e’en strongly-guarded wealth
41 Do thou who art protector of us thy friends who praise thee
With hundred aids approach us.
42 Sing to your Agni with each song, at every sacrifice, for
Come, let us praise the Wise and Everlasting God even as a
well-belovèd Friend.
43 Protect us, Agni, through the first, protect us through the
second hymn.
Protect us through three hymns, O Lord of Power and Might;
through four hymns, Vasu! guard thou us.
44 The Son of Strength; for is he not our Friend? Let us serve
him for offering our gifts.
In battles may he be our help and strengthener, yea, be the
saviour of our lives.
45 Thou art Samvatsara; thou art Parivatsara; thou art
Idâvatsara; thou art Idvatsara; thou art Vatsara.
Prosper thy Dawns! Prosper thy Day-and-Nights! Prosper
thy Half-months, Months, Seasons, and Years!
Combine them for their going and their coming, and send
then forward on their ordered courses.
In eagle's shape thou art piled up and layered. With that
divinity, Angiras-like, lie steady.

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