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p. 186


BIRTH PLACE of princely power art thou: centre art thou
of princely power.
Harm not thyself: do me no harm.
2 Varuna, Law's maintainer, hath sat down, etc., as in X. 27.
Save me from death. Save me from lightning.
3 Thee, by the radiant Savitar's impulsion, with arms of
Asvins, with the hands of Pûshan,
With leech-craft of the Asvins, I besprinkle for splendour,
for the lustre of a Brâhman;
With leech-craft of Sarasvatî, besprinkle for manly vigour
and for food to feed thee;
Besprinkle thee, by special power of Indra, for strength of
body and for fame and glory.
4 Thou art Ka. Noblest Ka art thou. Thee for the state and
rank of Ka.
Sumangala! Susloka! Satyarâjan!
5 My head be grace, my mouth be fame, my hair and beard
be brilliant sheen!
My breath be King and deathlessness, mine eye Sole Lord,
mine ear the Prince!
6 My tongue be bliss, my voice be might, my mind be wrath,
my rage self-lord!
Joys be my fingers, and delight my members, conquering
strength my friend!

p. 187

7 Let my two arms be Indra's power, my hands be deed of
manly might, my soul and breast be princely rule! neck
8 My ribs be royal government, my belly, shoulders, neck,
and hips,
Thighs, elbows, knees, the people, yea, my members universally!
9 My navel intellect, etc., etc. ... ... ... ...
Duty am I in legs and feet, established King among the
10 I take my stand on princely power and Kingship, on cows
am I dependent, and on horses. on vital breath
On members I depend, and on the body,
dependent and on welfare, on heaven and earth and
sacrifice dependent.
11 May Deities, eleven threes, the three and thirty bounteous
Whose House-Priest is Brihaspati, by impulse of bright
Savitar, the Gods protect me with the Gods.
12 May the first Gods with the second,
the second with the
third, the third with Truth, Truth with Sacrifice, Sacrifice
with sacrificial texts, sacrificial texts with Sâmans,
Sâmans with praise-verses, praise-verses with fore and
after-sentences. fore-sentences with inviting-texts,
inviting-texts with Vashat-calls, Vashat calls with oblations,
and oblations, fulfil my desires, Earth! All-hail!
13 My hair is effort and attempt, my skin is reverence and
My flesh is inclination, wealth my bone, my marrow reverence.
14 Gods, Deities, whatever fault of ours have stirred the wrath
of Gods,
May Agni set me free from that iniquity and all distress.
15 If in the day-time or at night we have committed acts of sin,
May Vâyu set me free from that iniquity and all distress.

p. 188

16 If when awake or in our sleep we have committed acts of
May Sûrya set me free from that iniquity and all distress.
17 Each fault in village or in wild, company or corporeal sense,
Each sinful act that we have done to Sûdra or Arya, or to
either's disadvantage, e’en of that sin thou art the expiation.
18 Waters, Inviolable ones, etc. Said to be repeated from
VI. 22.
O ever-moving Cleansing Bath, etc. Repeated from III. 48.
19 Thy heart is in the flood, etc. Repeated from VIII. 25.
To us let Waters, etc. Repeated from VI. 22.
20 As one unfastened from a stake, or cleansed by bathing
after toil,
As butter which the sieve hath purged, let water clean me
from my sin.
21 Looking upon the loftier light above the darkness we have
To Sûrya, God among the Gods, the light that is most excellent.
22 The waters I this day have sought, and to their essence
have we come.
Agni, come hither rich in milk, splendour and brilliancy
bestow on me, and progeny and wealth.
23 A brand art thou: fain would we thrive. Fuel art thou
and splendour: give me splendour.
Earth comes again, the Dawn, the Sun. This Universe all
comes again.
May I possess Vaisvânara's light, may I attain my vast desires.
Earth! All-hail!

p. 189

24 O Agni, Master of the Vow, on thee I lay the kindling-
To the fast-vow and faith I come. I, consecrated, kindle
25 Fain would I know that holy world where Deities with
Agni dwell,
Where priestly rank and princely power together in accordance
26 Fain would I know that holy world where want and languor
are unknown,
Where in complete accordance move Indra and Vâyu side
by side
27 Let thy shoot be united with his tendril, joint combine
with joint.
Imperishable sap for joy, thine odour be the Soma's guard!
28 They pour it out, they sprinkle it, they scatter it, they
make it pure.
In the brown Surâ's ecstasy he says What art thou? What
art thou?
29 Indra, at morn accept our cake accompanied with grain and
groats, with wheaten bread and hymns of praise.
30 To Indra sing the lofty hymn, Maruts? that slayeth Vritra
Whereby the Holy Ones created for the God the radiant
light that never dies.
31 Adhvaryu, on the straining cloth pour thou the Soma pressed
with stones:
Purify it for Indra's drink.
32 The Sovran Lord of living things, he upon whom the worlds
Mighty, the mighty's King—by him I take thee, take thee
on myself.

p. 190

33 Taken upon a base art thou. Thee for the Asvins. This is
thy home, etc.
34 Guard of my breath and outward breath, the guardian of
mine eye and ear,
All-healer of my voice, thou. art the mollifier of my mind.
35 Invited I feed upon thee invited,
Whom Asvins, whom Sarasvatî, whom Indra, Good Protector,
36 Kindred in forefront of the Mornings, Indra with forward
light, long-active, waxing mighty,
With three-and thirty Gods, the Thunder-wielder, smote.
Vritra dead and threw the portals open.
37 Son of Himself, the Praise of Men, the hero, measuring out
the sacrificial stations,
Rich in bulls’ fat, anointing with sweet butter, wise, bright
with gauds of gold, he sacrificeth.
38 Lauded by Gods, Lord of Bay Steeds, the Helper, showing
his greatness. worshipped with oblations.
Fort-render, Cowpen-cleaver, Thunder-wielder, may he approach
our sacrifice rejoicing
39 May Indra, Lord of Bays, sit by direction eastward on earth,
accepting our oblation,
And sacred grass, fair, far-spread, widely-stretching, anointed
by Âdityas and by Vasus.
40 To the strong Indra go the sounding Portals, dames with a
goodly husband, swiftly moving!
Well-manned, divine, wide be the Doors thrown open,
expanding in their greatness fir the Hero!

p. 191

41 Dawn and Night, lofty, sapful, richly-yielding, fair-showing,
as they weave with varied colour
The long-extended thread in concert, worship the God of
Gods, the lofty Hero Indra.
42 The two first pleasant-voiced celestial Hotars, arranging
rites for man in sundry places,
At head of sacrifice stablishing Indra, increase the eastern
light with sweet oblation.
43 Thriving by sacrifice may the three Bright Ones, taking delight
like wedded dames in Indra,
Sarasvatî, Idâ, Bhâratî all-surpassing, with milk preserve
our sacred thread unbroken.
44 May Tvashtar coming frail afar, the active, give strength
and plenty to strong glorious Indra,
And strong, prolific, worshipping, the Mighty at sacrifice's
head give the Gods honour.
45 Let the divine Stake, like an Immolator, bind, as one
ordered, to himself the victim,
And, filling Indra's belly with ablations, season the sacrifice
with sweets and butter.
46 Indra the Bull, swift conqueror, wildly rushing bull-like to
meet the Indu of the droppings—
Delighting in a mind that scatters fatness, let the immortal
Gods rejoice in Svâhâ.
47 May Indra come to us for our protection, here, lauded
Hero, be our feast-companion.
May he whose powers are many, waxen mighty, cherish,
like Dyaus, the sovran sway of princes.
48 From near or far away may mighty Indra, giver of
succour, come for our protection,
Lord of men, armed with thunder, with the Strongest,
slaying his foes in conflict, in the battles.

p. 192

49 May Indra come to us with Tawny Coursers, inclined to us,
to favour and enrich us.
May Maghavan, loud-voiced and wielding thunder, stand by
us at this sacrifice, in combat.
50 Indra the Rescuer, Indra the Helper, Hero who listens at
each invocation,
Sakra I call, Indra invoked of many. May Indra, Bounteous
Lord, prosper and bless us.
51 May helpful Indra as our Good Protector, Lord of all treasures,
favour us with succour,
Baffle our foes and give us rest and safety, and may we be
the lords of hero vigour.
52 May we enjoy the grace of him the Holy, yea, may we dwell
in his auspicious favour.
May helpful Indra as our Good Preserver drive from us even
from afar, our foemen.
53 Come hither, Indra, with Bay Steeds, joyous, with tails like
peacock plumes,
Let no men check thy course as fowlers stay the bird: pass
o’er them as o’er desert lands.
54 Verily the Vasishthas hymn with praises Indra the mighty
One whose arm wields thunder.
Praised, may he guard our wealth in men and cattle. Ye
Gods, preserve us evermore with blessings.
55 Fire hath been kindled, Asvins Twain! the Gharma warmed,
the Radiant pressed,
Here the Milch-Cow Sarasvatî hath poured bright Soma,
Indra's own.
56 When Soma flows Sarasvatî and both the Asvins, Leeches
Body-guards, bear to Indra strength by passage through
the realms of air.

p. 193

57 When Soma flowed the Asvins Twain, the Leeches, brought
sweet medicine,
With Men's Desire Sarasvatî for Indra, Soma, Nagnahu.
58 Worshipped, Sarasvatî bestowed on Indra, senses, manly
The Asvins, through oblations paid, combined food, energy,
and wealth.
59 The Asvins brought from Namuchi pressed Soma bright
with foaming juice.
Sarasvatî with sacred grass brought that to Indra for his
60 Sarasvatî and Indra with the Asvins Twain milked out
From heaven and earth, the regions, the resounding and
expansive doors.
61 Ye Asvins, Dawn and Night, by day and in the evening, fair
of hue,
Accordant, with Sarasvatî, deck Indra with surpassing
62 Guard us, O Asvins, through the day, guards us by night,
Celestial Hotars, Leeches! both guard Indra when the juice
is pressed.
63 The Asvins, and the Three, apart, Sarasvatî, Idâ, Bhâratî,
As drink to gladden Indra, poured strong Soma with the
foaming juice.
64 The Asvins, our Sarasvatî, and Tvashtar, when the juice
was shed,
Gave Indra balm, yea, mead as balm, glory and fame and
many a shape.
65 Praising with foaming liquor at due times, Indra, Vanaspatî,
Sarasvatî as cow gave forth sweet beverage with the Asvins
66 Asvins, to Indra ye with cows, with Mâsara and foaming
Gave, with Sarasvatî—All hail!—the pressed-out Soma juice
and mead.

p. 194

67 The Asvins and Sarasvatî by wit from fiendish Namuchi
Brought unto Indra sacred food, strength, brilliant treasure,
ample wealth.
68 That Indra, strong through sacrifice by Asvins and Sarasvatî,
Cleft Vala through to win him wealth, with Namuchi of
Asura birth.
69 Supporting him in sacrifice with sacred food and mighty
Sarasvatî, both Asvins and the cattle hymned that Indra's
70 Indra whom Bhaga, Savitar, and Varuna supplied with power,
Lord of the sacrifice, may he, Good Guardian, love the worshipper.
71 Savitar, Varuna bestow gifts on the liberal offerer,
Strength, power and treasure which the Good Protector took
from Namuchi!
72 Varuna giving sway and power, Savitar grace with happiness,
The Good Protector giving strength with fame, obtained
the sacrifice.
73 With cows the Asvins, mighty power, with horses manly
vigour, strength,
With sacred food Sarasvatî, made Indra, Sacrificer, strong.
74 May those Nâsatyas, fair of form, the Men who ride on paths
of gold,
Oblation-rich Sarasvatî, thou, Indra! help us in our rites.
75 Those Leeches righteous in their deeds, She, rich in milk,
That Vritra-Mayer hundred-powered, invested Indra with his
76 Ye Asvins and Sarasvatî, joint drinkers of the Sara draught,
In Namuchi of Asura birth, give aid to Indra in his deeds.
77 As parents aid a son, etc., as in X. 34.
78 He in whom horses, bulls, oxen, and barren cows, and rams,
when duly set apart, are offered up,
To Agni, Soma-sprinkled, drinker of sweet juice, Disposer,
with thy heart bring forth a pleasant hymn.

p. 195

79 Within thy mouth is poured the offering, Agni, as Soma into
cup, oil into ladle.
Vouchsafe us wealth, strength-winning, blest with heroes,
wealth lofty, praised by men, and full of splendour.
80 The Asvins gave, with lustre, sight, Sarasvatî manly strength
with breath.
Indra with voice and might gave Indra vigorous power.
81 With kine, Nâsatyas! and with steeds, come, Asvins, Rudras!
to the house, the sure protector of its men;
82 Such, wealthy Gods! as none afar or standing near to us
may harm, yea, no malicious mortal foe.
83 Do ye, O longed-for Asvins, lead us on to wealth of varied
form, wealth that shall bring us room and rest.
84 Wealthy in spoil, enriched with hymns, may pure Sarasvatî
desire with eager love our sacrifice.
S5 She who awakens sounds of joy, inspires our hymns, Sarasvatî,
she hath allowed our sacrifice.
85 Sarasvatî, the mighty flood, she with her light illuminates,
she brightens every pious thought.
87 O Indra, marvellously bright, come, these libations long for
thee, thus by fine fingers purified.
88 Urged by the holy singer, sped by song, come, Indra, to the
prayers of the libation-pouring priest.
89 Approach, O Indra, hasting thee, Lord of Bay Horses, to the
prayer: in our libations take delight.
90 Accordant with Sarasvatî let the two Asvins drink the meath,
May Indra, Vritra-slayer, Good Guardian, accept the Soma

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