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p. 162


MAY my strength and my gain, and my inclination and my
influence, and my thought and my mental power, and
my praise and my fame, and my renown and my light,
and my heaven prosper by sacrifice.
2 May my breathing and my out-breathing, and my
through-breathing and my vital spirit, and my thought and my
reflection, and my voice and my mind, and my eye and
my ear, and my ability and my strength prosper by
3 May my energy and my force, and my self and my body,
and my shelter and my shield, and my limbs and my
bones, and my joints and my members, and my life and
my old age prosper by sacrifice.
4 May my preëminence and my overlordship, and my wrath
and my angry passion, and my violence and my impetuosity,
and my victorious power and my greatness, and my
breadth and my width, and my height and my length,
and my increase and my improvement prosper by sacrifice.
5 May my truth and my faith, and my cattle and my wealth,
and my goods and my pleasure, and my play and my
enjoyment, and my children and my future children, and
my hymn and my pious act prosper by sacrifice.
6 May my religious rite and my immortality, and my freedom
from consumption and my freedom from disease, and my
life and my longevity, and my freedom from enemies
and my freedom from danger, and my happiness and my
lying down, and my fair dawn and my fair day prosper
by sacrifice.
7 May my controller and my supporter, and my security and
my firmness, and my goods and my pleasure, and my
knowledge and my understanding, and my begetting and
my propagation, and my plough and my harrow prosper
by sacrifice.

p. 163

8 May my welfare and my comfort, and what I hold dear and
what I desire, and my love and my gratification, and my
enjoyment and my substance, and my happiness and my
felicity, and my higher bliss and my fame prosper by
9 May my vigour and my pleasantness, and my milk and my
sap, and my butter and my honey, and my meal in company
and my drinking in company, and my ploughing
and my husbandry, and my superiority and my preëminence
prosper by sacrifice.
10 May my wealth and my property, and my prosperity and
my growth, and my pervading power and my lordship,
and my abundance and my greater abundance, and my
bad harvest and my unwasted crop, and my food and
my satiety prosper by sacrifice.
11 May my gain and my future gain, and what I have and
what I shall have, and my good road and my good path,
and my success and my succeeding, and my achievement
and my contrivance, and my thought and my good counsel
prosper by sacrifice.
12 May my rice-plants and my barley, and my beans and my
sesamum, and my kidney-beans and my vetches, and my
millet and my Panicum Milliaceum, and my Panicum
Frumentaceum and my wild rice, and my wheat and my
lentils prosper by sacrifice.
13 May my stone and my clay, and my hills and my mountains,
and my pebbles and my trees, and my gold and my bronze,
and my copper and my iron, and my lead and my tin
prosper by sacrifice.
14 May my fire and my water, and my creepers and my plants,
and lily plants with culture-ripened fruit and my plants
with fruit ripened without culture, and my domestic
animals and my wild animals, and my substance and my
future substance, and my belongings and my power be
produced by sacrifice.
15 May my treasure and my dwelling, and my religious service
and my ability to perform it, and my object and my
course, and my way and my going prosper by sacrifice.
16 May my Agni and my Indra, and my Soma and my Indra,
and my Savitar and my Indra, and my Sarasvatî and my
Indra, and my Pûshan and my Indra prosper by sacrifice.

p. 164

17 May my Mitra and my Indra, and my Varuna and my Indra,
and my Dhâtar and my Indra, and my Maruts and my
Indra, and my All-Gods and my Indra prosper by sacrifice.
18 May my earth and my Indra, and my Air and my Indra,
and my Sky and my Indra, and my Half-months and my
Indra, and my Lunar Mansions and my Indra, and my
Sky-regions and my Indra prosper by sacrifice.
19 May my Amsu and my Rasmi, and my Adhipati and my
Upâmsu, and my Antaryâma and my Aindra-Vâyava, and
my Maitrâ-Varuna, and my Âsvina and my Pratiprasthâna,
and my Sukra and my Manthin proper by sacrifice.
20 May my Âgrayana and my Vaisvadeva, and my Dhruvâ and
my Vaisvânara, and my Aindrâgna and my Mahâvaisvadeva,
and my Marutvatîya and my Nishkevalya, and my Sâvitra
and my Sârasvata, and my Pâtnîvata and my Hâriyojana
prosper by sacrifice.
21 May my ladles and my cups, and my Vâyu, vessels and my
Soma reservoirs, and my pressing-stones and my two press-boards,
and my Pûtabhrit and my Âdhavanîya, and my
altar and altar-grass, and my Avabhritha and my cries of
Good-speed prosper by sacrifice.
22 May my Agni and my charms, and my Arka and my Sûrya,
and my Prâna and my Asvamedha, and my Prithivî and
my Aditi, and my Diti and my Sky, and my fingers, powers,
and sky-regions prosper by sacrifice.

p. 165

23 May my vow and my seasons, and my austere devotion, and
my day and night, thighs and knees, and two Great
Rathantaras prosper by sacrifice.
24 May me One and my Three, and my Three and my Five,
and my Five and my Seven (and similarly up to thirty-three)
prosper by sacrifice.
25 May my Four and my Eight and my Twelve (and similarly
up to forty-eight) prosper by sacrifice
26 May my eighteen-months steer and my eighteen-months
heifer, and my two-year bull and cow (and similarly up
to four-year) prosper by sacrifice.
27 May my six-year bull and my six-year cow, and my bull and
my barren cow, and my young bull and my calf-slipping
cow, and my ox and my milch-cow prosper by sacrifice.
28 To strength, Hail! To Gain, Hail! To After-born, Hail! To
Power, Hail! To Vasu, Hail! To the Lord of Days, Hail!
To the Failing Day, Hail! To the Failing Sprung from
the Transitory, Hail! To the Transitory sprung from the
Final, Hail! To the Final Mundane, Hail! To the Lord
of the World, Hail! To the Sovran Lord, Hail! To Prajâpati,
Hail! This is thy kingdom. Thou art a guiding controller
for the friend. Thee for vigour, thee for rain,
thee for the sovran lordship of creatures.
29 May life succeed through sacrifice. May life-breath thrive
by sacrifice. May the eye thrive by sacrifice. May the
ear thrive by sacrifice. May the voice thrive by sacrifice.
May the mind thrive by sacrifice. May the self thrive by
sacrifice. May Brahma thrive by sacrifice. May light
succeed by sacrifice. May heaven succeed by sacrifice.
May the hymn thrive by sacrifice. May sacrifice thrive
by sacrifice; And laud and sacrificial text, and verse of
praise and Sâma chant, The Brihat and Rathantara.

p. 166

Gods, we have gone to light. We have become the children
of Prajâpati. We have become immortal.
30 In gain of wealth we celebrate, etc: = IX. 5.
31 This day come all the Maruts, all to aid us! Let all the fires
be thoroughly enkindled.
May the All-Gods come hither with protection. May we
possess all property and riches.
32 May our strength fill the regions seven, fill the four distant
places full.
Here may our riches guard us with the All-Gods in the gain
of wealth.
33 May strength to-day procure for us donations strength
range the Gods together with the Seasons.
Yea, strength hath made me rich in store of heroes. As
lord of strength may I gain all the regions.
34 Strength be before us, in the midst among us. May strength
exalt the Gods with our oblation.
Yea, strength hath made me rich in store of heroes. As
lord of strength may I gain all the regions.
35 With milk of Prithivî do I unite me, unite myself with
waters and with plants.
As such may I gain strength, O Agni.
36 Store milk in earth and milk in plants, milk in the sky and
milk in air.
Teeming with milk for me he all the regions.
37 Thee by the radiant Savitar's impulsion, with arms of Asvins,
with the hands of Pûshan,
Controlled by Vâk Sarasvatî's Controller, with Agni's sole
dominion I besprinkle.
38 Maintainer of Law, true by nature, Agni is the Gandharva.
The plants are his Apsarases, namely Delights. May he
protect this our Priesthood and Nobility. To him All-hail!
Ave! To those All-hail!

p. 167

39 The Conjoined, Visvasâman, Sûrya is the Gandharva. His
motes are his Apsarases, Swift-moving. May he protect,
etc., as in 38.
40 The Highly-Blessed, the Moon whose rays are like the Sun's,
is the Gandharva. The Asterisms are his Apsarases, Luminous.
May he protect, etc.
41 The Quick, All-reaching, Wind is the Gandharva. The
Waters are his Apsarases, named Energies. May he
protect, etc.
42 The Protecting, Strong-winged, Sacrifice is the Gandharva.
Guerdons are his Apsarases, called Praisers. May he
protect, etc.
43 The Lord of Creatures, Omnific, Mind is the Gandharva.
Richas and Sâmans are his Apsarases, called Wishings.
May he protect, etc.
44 Lord of the World, Prajâpati, whose are the homes above
and here,
Give great protection unto these, the Priesthood and Nobility.
45 Thou art the vapoury sea that giveth moisture. Blow on
me, thou, healthful and blessing-laden.
Thou art the Maruts’ own, the band of Maruts. Blow on
me, etc.
Seeker of aid art thou, receiving worship. Blow on me, etc.
46 Thy lights, O Agni, in the Sun, etc., as in XIII. 22.
47 Lights of yours in the Sun, O Gods, etc., as in XIII. 23.

p. 168

48 Give lustre to our holy priests, set lustre in our ruling chiefs
Lustre to Vaisyas, Sûdras: give, through lustre; lustre unto
49 I ask this of thee with my prayer, adoring: thy worshipper
asks this with his oblations.
Varuna, stay thou here and be not angry: steal not our life
from us, O thou Wide-Ruler.
50 Heaven-like is Warmth, Hail! Heaven-like is Arka, Hail!
Heaven-like is the Bright One, Hail! Heaven-like is Light,
Hail! Heaven-like is Sûrya, Hail!
51 I yoke with power and flowing butter Agni, divine, strong-
pinioned, great with vital vigour.
Through him may we approach the Bright One's station,
ascending to the loftiest sky, to heaven.
52 With these thy two ne’er-wasting feathered pinions wherewith
thou drivest fiends away, O Agni,
Let us fly to the regions of the pious whither have gone the
first-born ancient Rishis.
53 The Drop, the powerful, the falcon, righteous, impetuous
bird borne on his golden pinions,
Great, stedfast, settled in the habitation—to thee be reverence!
Forbear to harm thee!
54 Centre of earth, heaven's head art thou, essence of waters
and of plants.
Eternal, far spread refuge. Homage to the Path!
55 Attached thou standest at the head of all the world. Thy
heart is in the sea, thy life is in the floods. Give water:
cleave the reservoir.

p. 169

Help us with rain sent from the sky, Parjanya, firmament,
or earth.
56 By Bhrigus and by Vasus hath prayer-granting sacrifice
been paid.
Come, Wealth, into the house of him our dear, our well-beloved
57 May Agni, served with sacrifice and gifts, protect our offered
This homage be Good-speed to Gods!
58 That which hath flowed from purpose or from judgment, or
gathered from the wind or from the vision,
Follow ye to the region of the pious whither have gone the
first-born ancient Rishis.
59 To thee I trust this man. Celestial Dwelling! treasure which
Jâtavedas shall bring hither.
After you will the Sacrificer follow. Here recognize him in
the highest heaven.
60 Acknowledge him, ye Gods, in highest heaven. Ye who are
present, know the shape he weareth.
When he approacheth by the God-ward pathways, reveal to
him the meed of pious actions.
61 Wake up, O Agni, etc., as in XV. 54.
62 Convey our sacrifice to heaven, etc., as in XV. 55,
63 With Darbha-bunch, with fencing-wood, with spoon, with
altar, holy grass,
With laud, lead this our sacrifice to go to heaven among
the Gods.
64 Our gifts, our charitable grants, our pious works, our fees to
May the Omnific's Agni set all this among the Gods in heaven.

p. 170

65 There where all never-failing streams of honey and of butter
May Agni, Visvakarman's own, place us in heaven among
the Gods.
66 Agni am who know by birth all creatures. Mine eye is
butter, in my mouth is nectar.
I am the triple light, the region's meter: exhaustless heat
am I, named burnt oblation.
67 Praise-verses, sacrificial texts, and chanted hymns am I in name.
Thou art the best of all the Fires among the fivefold race
of man
That burn upon this earth of ours. Speed thou us on to
lengthened life.
68 O Indra, for the strength that slays Vritra and conquers in
the fight
We torn thee hitherward to us.
69 Thou, Indra, much-invoked, didst crush to pieces, Kunâru,
handless fiend who dwelt with Dânus.
Thou with might, Indra, smotest dead the scorner, the footless
Vritra as he waxed in vigour.
70 O Indra, beat our foes away, etc. as in VIII. 44.
71 Like some dread wild beast roaming on the mountain thou
hast approached us from the farthest distance.
Whetting thy bolt and thy sharp blade, O Indra, crush thou
the foes and scatter those who hate us.
72 To aid us let Vaisvânara come from the distance far away:
Come Agni, to our eulogies!
73 Sought in the sky, sought on the earth, sought after, all
plants that grow on ground hath Agni entered.
May Agni, may Vaisvânara with vigour, sought for, by day
and night from harm preserve us.

p. 171

74 Help its that we may gain this wish, O Agni, gain riches,
Wealthy One! with store of heroes.
Desiring strength from thee may we be strengthened, and
win, Eternal! thine eternal glory.
75 Approaching with raised hands and adoration, we have this
day fulfilled for thee thy longing.
Worship the Gods with most devoted spirit as Priest with
no unfriendly thought. O Agni.
76 Home-hider Agni, Indra, and Brahma, and bright Brihaspati—
May the All Gods, one-minded, guard our sacrifice in happy
77 Guard thou the Sacrificer's men, O Youthfullest, etc., as in
XIII. 52.

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